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Bobybuilding Can Decrease Testosterone Levels if You Lift Incorrectly

Updated on December 31, 2011

Bobybuilding Can Decrease Testosterone Levels if You Lift Incorrectly

Many people that begin to lift weights or even have been lifting for a long time think that lifting weights and a high protein diet will increase testosterone levels.
First lets talk about the symptoms of low testosterone and its importance in your life. Low testosterone can cause for you to have a low sex drive, lose your erection in the middle of having sex, can cause you to lose muscle or not make enough muscle, can make you weak, fat, cause gynecomastia which is growth of female like breasts in men, can make you vulnerable and sensitive to everything in life, and cause many health problems like high blood pressure, cancer, and other illnesses.
You DON'T want low testosterone and the only way to maintain your testosterone at a normal level or increase these levels you need to bodybuild HARDCORE. No more of that sissy bodybuilding that everyone else does, no more lifting 25 pound dumbbells while curling, no more bench pressing less than your body weight, and no more skipping the dead lifts. If you want to have normal or high testosterone levels you need to start lifting like a real man, like a hardcore bodybuilder.
Now, so you can understand what I mean, I'm going to write about what causes your testosterone levels to drop.
The main causes of low testosterone levels are:
Excessive intake of daily protein
Lack of sleep or rest
Lack of Exercise
Drug use
and more
Like everything else, you need to keep a balance in everything you do and don't exceed on most things.
I am now going to teach you how to raise your testosterone levels and have them at a peak like when you were 17 again. People think this isn't possible, but I have seen 60 year old men with higher testosterone levels than most 25 year olds.
First of all. You need to stop eating too much protein. Your daily intake should be around 1 to 1.3 grams per pound of your body weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds you should be intaking from 200 - 260 grams of protein per day. It would be better to keep it at around 220 though because like I said, you don't want to exceed. You will still make lots of muscle with a normal daily protein intake, unless you don't workout hard enough.
You need to start working out hardcore. The best way to increase testosterone levels is to lift heavy weights while doing dead lifts, bench press, back rows, and almost any other weightlifting exercise. Don't stay at the same weight. Lift heavy! You need to dedicate at least one exercise of your ONE MUSCLE GROUP workout to lifting heavy. For example... Whenever it is pectorals or chest day, you need to start your workout with horizontal bench press and 3 sets of 4 with 85% of your max. Lift heavy with low reps at least when you are starting your workout. Of course, after you warm up.

Just to embed it into your brain..... LIFT HEAVY, LIFT HEAVY, LIFT HEAVY!!

You need to stop eating all that fat, drinking, smoking, need to sleep more, stop doing drugs, and start getting rid of all those bad habits. It is very important that you eat more nuts because they are rich in monounsaturated fat which will also increase your testosterone levels.

According to some recent studies done by German scientists at the University of Munich, morning sex will help your testosterone increase by a lot. If you are married or are able to wake up to a good looking lady, please please do her. Aside from helping your sex life and relationship, it will be helping your testosterone levels be higher which will cause you to have a higher sex drive. Don't be like other men that are only okay with having sex once or twice a week. With high and/or normal testosterone levels your sex drive will be like when you were 17. You will want to have sex every day, or maybe a few times a day. You will make your woman happy unless you suck in the sack, which I will talk about and give advice on in another post.

And last of all, don't do extreme fat loss diets since this will make your testosterone levels drop and make you even fatter. Stick to a hard exercise regimen, lift heavy, add some cardio into your sessions, and eat correctly. Like I mentioned before, stay off the drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fatty foods, and other bad habbits unless you want to be a sissy and lose your erections in the middle of sex, have a low sex drive, be sensitive with every life event, gain weight, lose strength, and become ill with something else.

Its your call now. Its up to you if you want to become a hardcore bodybuilder and increase your testosterone levels.

Lift hard to be hard, literally!!!


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      Petteri 2 years ago

      Thanks, good post!

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      panda 3 years ago

      Explain how ive got all the bsd h

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      Ali Kuoppala 4 years ago from Kokkola, Finland

      Here is a nice list of ways to increase testosterone naturally, it can be beneficial in your posts later on so check it out !