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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Updated on September 7, 2014

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is the creation of Tom Venuto and has been the best selling weight loss and body building books online today...

If you have never succeeded in losing weight or have had trouble building those muscles then Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is your answer...

Get all the best information from a lifetime body builder, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Success Coach.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Gives You The Power To...

Free Your Body From Excess Weight And Keep It Off Here's How!

Its a proven fact that 95% of people who go on a conventional diet and even though they initially lose the weight they also put that weight back on even ending up fatter than they were before. What I discovered using Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle was to be part of the 5% who lost the weight and kept the weight off.

Many diets or weight loss programs help you lose weight but what you don't know is that they are destroying your metabolism while you are losing weight. This destroys muscle and slows down your metabolism, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle teaches you how to lose weight without cannibalizing you body.

If you think this is about drugs such as steroids which has for many years been associated with muscle gain you would be dead wrong. Tom Venuto will show you why these drugs don't work and all the nasty side effects. Tom will show you how to alter your body without drugs so you can maintain your muscle and keep the weight off forever.

If you are taking dietary supplements I have some really sad news for you, 97% are a waste of money this is a 13 Billion a Year earner for these companies and they really want you to believe that they are helping YOU. If you read every word of Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle it could save you thousands of dollars from being ripped off and lied to.

So why is Tom smarter than the rest, He has 23 years in body building and competed for 17 years. Tom Venuto has been a personal trainer, Health Club Manager, Nutritionist his Passion is Bodybuilding and Fitness he has made this his life.

Tom Venuto
Tom Venuto

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is 14 Years of Research

Tom Venuto turns himself into a human guinea pig...

From a very early age Tom has been studying and developing his e-book burn the fat feed the muscle.

He also has virtually read every book on the subject from bodybuilding, aerobics, weight training, dieting, fat loss and nutrition.

Tom realized that it is great to be reading all these books but unless you are going to put it into practice it was just a theory. So Tom turned himself into a human guinea pig to experience the effects of all these diets and fat loss programs.

Now after 14 years of hard work and research Tom has made some AMAZING DISCOVERIES- and also some APPALLING DISCOVERIES....

One of the first things that Tom learnt was that dishonest companies will tell you just about anything to buy their weight loss products. The diet and supplement industries are preying on your fears to get you to spend your money.

And just so you understand how well Tom has researched this he has a body fat percentage of 3.7% when I started my body fat was 31.2% and now after two months of following everything Tom has in Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle I am down to 15.7% body fat.

The Big Fat Lies

Find out the truth behind the health and wellness industry...

I wasted literally thousands of dollars on workout programs that didn't "work out" and "fat-burning" supplements that didn't burn anything but a hole in my wallet.

To successfully navigate through today's jungle of misleading and conflicting information, you have to become a very savvy and discriminating consumer. And when you finish reading these 12 lessons, that is exactly what you will be.

There are three reasons why it's so hard to find truthful information today:


Weight loss is a 50 billion-dollar a year industry. With so much at stake, unscrupulous marketers will tell you just about anything - even outright BIG FAT LIES - to get you to buy their products and to further their financial interests.

Before and after photos are staged or doctored...

Research results are misreported or exaggerated...

Unrealistic expectations and promises are made...

And that's just the very beginning.


Since the electronic age has arrived, lack of information is not a problem anymore. The problem these days is too much information.

Fitness and diet "guru's" preach about their "latest breakthroughs" on TV infomercials 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hundreds, even thousands of diet and exercise books fill bookstore shelves. Dozens of magazines clutter the newsstands every month.

To top it all off, the explosion of the Internet is adding to this "info-jungle" at an exponential rate.

There are 270,000,000 web pages indexed on Google under "fitness" and 87,400,000 under "weight loss."

Where do you even begin? Unfortunately, more often than not, many people don't begin at all... because information overload leads to "paralysis by analysis."


Only one thing is worse than the QUANTITY of information available today on diet and fitness. That is, even industry professionals such as registered dietitians, research scientists, MD's, PhD's, and certified trainers give completely contradictory advice.

There are a lot of opinions out there and everyone seems to tell us something different.

Getting The Right Weight Loss Facts

Knowing Ther Facts Is Half The Battle With Weight Loss

Do it yourself weight loss is a challenge for lots of people because they are swamped with so much weight loss information and fast solutions that it is confusing to recognize what is genuine and what is merely a cash-grab.

Weight loss information and facts are abundant, for example in books, articles and programs, yet consumers also have to comprehend that companies are in business to make money. You need to think about your choices and comprehend that you can only achieve your objectives via working hard and dedication.

Planning Goals For Your Weight Loss Is Imperative

Setting goals is essential to a "do it yourself natural weight loss" program. Having an achievable action plan and one you are able to adhere to is really a great place to start. You'll need to create daily, weekly and monthly objectives so you stay on track all the time. The most productive objectives are "SMART" -- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive. Think about just how much weight you want to lose and plan on losing 1-2 pounds each week to start off with.

Some of your even shorter term goals may be to drink less sugary carbonated beverages, exchanging sugary snacks to eating more fruit or even vegetables, drinking eight glasses of water per day, or including fish to help your diet two times each week.

As you are establishing your goals, make sure that you look at how your natural weight loss project will end up a trans-formative, healthy and balanced lifestyle which will assist you to accomplish broader objectives. Possibly you could run that mile, look great in your swimsuit again or overcome your loud snoring.

Having a lack of motivation when dieting is the biggest cause of people failing. The first week will usually seem like the easiest due to the fact you are very motivated in reaching your goals with your new weight loss routine. But dropping the extra pounds is really a painstakingly slow process and it's easy to become discouraged when you do not lose at least one or two pounds every week. You ought to understand right at the start of your dieting program that it may take some time to see a decrease in your waist line.

To stay motivated, give yourself a prize to work toward. Maybe there is a special occasion on the agenda, which means that your incentive is purchasing that gorgeous outfit where you are able to flaunt you new trim figure, or simply a special dinner at a high priced restaurant with somebody you would like to impress using your new body. What if you had a bigger reward in mind and planned that perfect getaway as an extra prize to achieving the objectives you've set for your weight reduction. Figure out what inspires you and make a image, a magnet or a post-it that reminds you of this each day.

Being over weight will make things difficult It not only costs you more money for such things as clothing. You can also be lumped with a much higher health insurance payment mainly because you're considered a health risk. It is not openly stated but you can even find problems obtaining work when you are overweight.

This may be called discrimination, but truthfully, for anyone who is over weight, you could be a health risk not just to yourself but any person who employs you as well. You're simply putting yourself in jeopardy by being unhealthy. This could even be passed onto your kids if they have the very same eating habits as you. If this type of piece of writing applies to you then you should look at a diet plan which can be done from home.

Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting

Exploring Weight Lifting Benefits

You may be working out every day, but do you really know the benefits of weight lifting?

Weight lifting offers more benefits for the body than just looking great, and if you want to know which type of weight training will work best for your body, this article will help you to learn weight lifting benefits that will work best for you.

Knowing your fitness goals is a great way to determine how well weight lifting will work for you.

Do you want to tone and firm the muscles in your body?

Are you looking to gain muscle mass as a result of weight lifting?

Are you using weight lifting as a way to help you lose weight?

These questions will help you to figure out how often you should add weight lifting to your weekly exercise routine, as well as how heavy the weights should be.

Weight lifting benefits also include increased energy, vitality, and better sleeping patterns. When you are body building on a regular basis, your body will release endorphins, which help to keep you in a good mood and give you energy to complete the tasks of the day. Your body will also release a healthy amount of serotonin, which helps to relax the muscles, and give you a good night's sleep.

If you have certain health conditions, weight lifting is ideal for you as well. For instance, if you have diabetes, light weight lifting will help to release substantial amounts of glucose in the muscles, which will help to regulate insulin levels. Weight lifting is also good for osteoporosis, if you use discretion and lift carefully, so that you can strengthen your bones and reduce pain in the joints.

You may also want to take L-glutamine while you are lifting weights if you have these conditions, so that you can relieve pain and discomfort in your bones and joints after working out.

In order to make sure that you are experiencing all the positive effects of body building and weight lifting, you may want to consider taking weight lifting supplements before or after your workout session. Supplements that contain calcium or whey protein will probably work best for your body, since these substances help to strengthen your bones, which will make it easier for you to lift heavier weights as you move to weights with more resistance naturally.

Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals is also ideal in order to enhance weight lifting benefits. For more information on weight lifting and how weight training will work best for your body, be sure to consult your doctor.

Healthy Body
Healthy Body

Building a Strong, Healthy Body

Need to build muscle quickly? Do you know a healthy way to accomplish that goal?

Until outlawed in 1988, anabolic supplements were used as a main source to gain desired muscle fast.

But, these steroids that were intended to help and improve function were later replaced with testosterone, and the benefits of using steroids were found in a different substance.

Hormones and muscle stimulants are not appropriate methods for supporting the nutrition and training needed to maintain a well thought-out plan of bodybuilding.

Supplements only work when your training and diet programs are optimal.

Developing the habit of increasing the activity levels of your exercise program will make your body interact with its surroundings naturally and keep your fluids in motion. In other words, the quality of a certain protein is activated by how well your body can adjust to it.

If you treat your body well, it will return the favor by doing what you demand of it. Keeping those fast-racing proteins running constantly will mean never letting your body flow out of whack or motion at all. And, following a strenuous workout, recovery from the exertion is a key element needed to relax and renew your muscle tissue.

Isn't this sufficient information to keep your body moving? Why not run to the local gym and give it all you've got to build up a great workout you can develop piece by piece until it becomes a regular routine. Using these methods to your advantage, you can regularly and consistently work your body's muscle groups under increased load, followed by recovery time, to make it function the way it should. Otherwise, you will end up regretting not following these steps and losing the body you had wished to develop.

Many types of supplements are available and each one may have different effects on different people. So, when it's time to pick one, you better be sure to pick the one that will work for you. The supplement you choose should be able to get the job done and be healthy enough for your body to maintain under the physical stresses you put it through.

If your body cannot maintain its functionality through the paces you put it, then you'd best back away from these substances altogether. Being thoughtless or reckless can lead toward death or disability, and you do not want either to happen to you. It is a matter of life and death, and your body will bear the outcome of your decisions.

When all is said and done, you must decide how you want your body to look and respond. You do want to have a healthier lifestyle, don't you?

Then, you should look the other way if offered supplements that will damage you in the long run. You don't want your body to unnaturally fade away until there is nothing left. Make sure your devotion to bodybuilding and muscle maintenance keeps you healthy and prolongs your life.

Great Resources On Weight Loss And Fat Burning

Additional Information to help you not only lose weight but develop great looking abs.

Burn the Fat feed the muscle gives you the cold hard facts about weight loss, building muscle and much more stop getting deceived and lied to find out the truth today..

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