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Buy a Cast Boot Online

Updated on March 28, 2011

Why use a Cast Boot?

Wearing a plaster cast is an unpleasant experience.

Usually applied following a fracture, casts do a good job immobilizing the leg but are not designed for walking on. The under surface lacks grip, particularly on hard floors and although synthetic casts are extremely durable, traditional Plaster of Paris casts soften and quickly fall apart when walked on.

Cast boots not only make walking easier, they make it safer as well. For less than $20 they are a simple way to make a trying time much more tolerable. If you are permitted to weight bear and have tried walking without one, a cast boot will seem like the best invention in the world.

Darco Cast Boot

Cast Boot Features

Rocker Sole: If you have a lower leg cast your ankle is immobilized. Being unable to move your ankle up and down greatly affects your walking. A curved rocker sole helps address this problem and allows a much more normal gait pattern. The rocker does not need to be very pronounced, the sole just needs to have some curve.

Stable Fixation: You need to be confident that the cast boot is going to stay firmly attached to your cast. You don't want to be worrying that it will come off while walking. Early model cast boots were famous for being difficult to fit and even harder to keep in place. Thankfully this has been well address and current cast boots have much more effective strapping systems.

Weight: Your cast already adds a lot of weight to your injured leg. The last thing you want is unnecessary additional weight.

Non-Slip Sole: For obvious reasons.

Most "Normal Looking" Cast Boot

Cast boots are designed for functionality, not fashion. As a result some look truly horrendous.

For those looking for a safe way to walk on a cast without looking like an astronaut, this is an easy to apply option that should keep most users happy for the 6 weeks or so that they need it.

It doesn't have a large rocker but enough to get by.

High Rocker Cast Boot

This boot combines a simple design with a generous rocker to enable easy of movement. It is the "typical" kind of cast boot that has been used in hospitals for many years.

The high top with extra strap helps to prevent movement of the cast boot, making it feel more secure on the foot.

Economical Cast Boot

For those looking to spend as little as possible, this boot is about as inexpensive as it gets. Its main limitation is the rather flat sole that makes the wearer compensate for its lack of rocker at the knee, hip and lower back. This can quickly become annoying and painful so it is best suited for short term use.

Anyone looking at a long period of time in a cast is advised to choose a cast boot with a decent rocker sole.

Cast Boot Videos


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