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The Classification Of Bicycles

Updated on February 25, 2010

The Cruiser Bicycle

Bicycles are classified into different categories based on their usage and their make helping public to choose the best suitable ones for them.
Bicycles are classified into different categories based on their usage and their make helping public to choose the best suitable ones for them.

There are numerous varieties of bicycles available in market today. Based on the purpose they are going to be used they are widely classified into ten main types. They are

  1. Normal bicycles or utility bicycles: these are the bicycles normally used by public to go shopping or to school or for any normal use. Most of these hubs have internal gearing system and use middle weight frames.
  2. Cruiser bicycles: they are similar to normal bicycles but have high safety standards. The mechanism in this bike makes it more comfortable to drive. They use light weight aluminum frames.
  3. Touring bicycles: these bicycles are best fit for long distance travels. They are equipped with special extra fittings to carry more luggage.
  4. BMX bicycles: these are used to drive across the mountain and to perform gimmicks by stunt artists. This is the most durable bike. It has a single gear very small frame and wide tires.
  5. Racing bicycles: these are similar to BMX bikes. They are used only for racing purpose. they also have light weight frames, but the gearing ratio is very high for them. They have special tires with very high pressure.
  6. Messenger bicycles: these are trademark bicycles of America. They are used for delivering goods or letter. They are more or less similar to normal bicycles, but can run a bit faster than them.
  7. Track bicycles: these bicycles are also used in races but races which are held in tracks or in stadiums. They do not have any brakes or freewheel and have a single gear ratio.
  8. Mountain bicycles: these are the most advanced bicycles available in market today. They are designed in a special way to ride uphill or downhill. They have advanced suspension system to adjust to the rough roads. Their frames are very durable and they use wide gauged tires which will not tear easily.
  9. Time trial bicycles: they are similar to racing bicycles but only difference being the usage of aerodynamic frames in the middle. These cycles are not used commonly. they are sort of specialized road racing bicycles.
  10. Recumbent bicycles: these are completely different bicycles designed to give the rider the comfort of inclining backwards. The pedals are placed in the place of the handlebars near the front wheels and the handle bar and brake system is inclined backwards giving it a more care like appearance.

These are the basic classifications of bicycles. They are classified based on their usage in this article. But apart from this they are divided based on different mechanisms they use, the brake and suspension systems they use and also based on their metals and frames.

Even though there are wide varieties of bicycles the riding interest seems to be declining in most part of the world. Let us hope this situation changes soon.

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