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Great Step By Step Instructions To Build A Bicycle

Updated on February 13, 2010

Build Your Own Bicycle

This article describes the steps involved in bicycle creation from the selection of raw materials, to creation of tubes and frame, till final painting.
This article describes the steps involved in bicycle creation from the selection of raw materials, to creation of tubes and frame, till final painting.


Bicycle manufacture has ten main steps let us see one by one in detail

1. Selecting raw materials for frame:
The base of any bicycle is its triangular frame. This frame is constructed using various tubes. The first main important step is choosing the raw material to construct this frame.

The tubes are made of aluminum or steel. There are so many qualities of alloy steel and light weight aluminum. Sometimes heavy strong steel or titanium is used. In modern days carbon composites are used to make the frame which stays without rusting for years.

2. Manufacturing tubes:

  • Once the steel is selected it is heated and soaked in acids and made smooth.
  • They are made into hollows which are then measured and cut into required measurements.
  • Then they are made into tubes in a process called cold drawing.
  • Then the tubes undergo a process called butting to adjust the thickness of the tubes in various places

3. Welding and gluing:
The next important process is joining the tubes in a geometric shape to form a frame. This frame is set up by joining the steel tubes by welding or gluing the tubes into required shapes. The tubes are adjusted when they are still hot to get the proper accurate frame.

4. Aligning and finishing the frame setup:
Next step is to paint the frame setup to protect it from corrosion. In some cases chrome plating is used instead of paints. Once the frames are prepared completely the additional components are loaded onto the cycle.

5. Assembling gears and derailleur’s:
The gears are assembled in the cycle. The levers are placed in different places like frame stem, down the tube and on the end of the handlebar. Derailleurs are fitter on the front side to control the motion of the chain. The rear side derailleur is attached using hangers and a cable is attached covering both the derailleurs.

6. Attaching handlebars, and stems:
The handlebars are attached to the stem with bearing, and locknuts and mounted on the head tube. It is designed in such a way it is turned easily.

7. Brakes and seat posts:
Brake setup is added to the handlebar. A cable is attached to the lever and the caliper at the bottom side. The base of cycle seat made of steel or aluminum is attached. It could be adjusted to different heights

8. Crank set and saddle attachment:
Crank set which help us to use the pedals and chains properly are assembled as the next step and then saddle made of plastic, rubber or leather is setup as a seat.

9. Attaching wheels, tires and hubs:
Wheels meeting the ISO standards are selected, and fit into proper tires. Bicycle wheels have a hub like structure. An axle is attached there and the wheels are attached to bicycle frames through that.

10. Final finishing:
All the settings are adjusted, painted, lights are added. The whole structure is neatly waxed, printed with brand name and extra fittings like basket and carriers are added.

This is how bicycles are created.


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