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Constant Feeling of Fainting

Updated on May 4, 2011

Constant Feeling of Fainting

Do you have constant feeling of lightheadedness like you’re going to fall out or faint at any minute? Does this feeling linger or comes and go? Have you been to the doctor for having a constant feeling of faiting? The feeling of fainting comes with a couple of different symptons and for comes for just as many reasons, if not more. So what’s the deal? Fainting in its most general definition is caused by not enough oxygen getting to the brain. But why wouldn’t you get enough oxygen to your brain or any given day, when you always have before or why would you constantly not get enough oxygen to your brain? This hub article will hopefully help you figure that out. Well we all know one of the obvious reasons women may feel that they are about to faint and that is an unknown bun in the oven put in more simple terms, being pregnant and not knot knowing it. A sudden drop in blood sugar levels may also cause this sensation. Some other causes of a fainting feeling is fatigue, dehydration (a really huge one and very, very common), an extreme irregular heart rhythm, anxiety and fear and even problems with your equilibrium. Fainting once in a while is not usually a cause for concern but multiple fainting spells or always feeling like you are going to faint does require a visit to your doctor. But how do you know which is causing your symptoms? Let’s go over the symptoms you are most likely experiencing: sold, clammy palms and or feet most likely at the same time, shaky and tingly sensation, loss of balance temporary loss of sight or a darkening of the room sensation, nausea, and or a feeling of weakness and fatigue. If you experience theses symptoms, I think most of the time, they are followed by a natural inclination to sit down, take deep breaths or get some air. All of these things are good to do.

Light Headedness

Constant Fatigue and Tiredness

Constant Feeling of Fainting

photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Constant Feeling of Fainting


If you took a trip to the emergency your first time around this mountain, you were probably diagnosed with syncope which is just the general diagnosis for fainting or the feeling of fainting. The ER doctor will tell you to see your regular doctor to ensure that nothing else is wrong and while that is always the safest and best thing to do, if this is your first bout with feeling like you’re going to faint, it may do you good to just hydrate yourself, watch what you’re eating (make sure you’re eating) and get plenty of rest! If the feeling doesn’t come back you may be in the clear. This hub however is not a replacement for going to the doctor and getting examined. He or she will most likely check you for signs of stroke and dehydration among other things. Personally though, I have experience a constant feeling of fainting once for about a month during a period of high anxiety. As a matter of fact the anxiety attacks were always accompanied with a fainting feeling. A visit to the ER and a diagnosis of syncope are definitely pages in my story however, I identified the stressors and over a two week period, I got rid of them and have been fine every since and this all happened well over seven years ago.


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      6 years ago

      i all most fainted from coming out the shower i felt dizzy light headed i couldnt breathe and stuff was changing colors


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