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Crystals and Healing

Updated on September 14, 2012

Crystals and Healing, what is it? | Learn About Crystals Therapy And How They Heal

What Is Crystal Healing Therapy Crystals and healing, what is it? | Learn About Crystals Therapy and How They Heal

Do you know about Crystals and Healing and the therapy of using crystals can benefit you?

Master Instructor Crystal Awareness Institute, my name is Nara White Owl.For the past 30 years I have been teaching others how to use crystals.

All the eight different energy healing techniques on this lens are CEU's units under provider #7311 from the state of California.

I have worked with crystals most of my life. When I was young I just liked the stone, it had a great feeling.

After taking my Master Instructor Course with the Crystal Awareness Institute I knew that teaching other was going to be part of my life. Have others learn how to use the crystals for healing and doing the techniques with the crystals that can help to restore energy to they body.

My goal for this lens is to help you understand Crystals and Healing Therapy

Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive energy that can make changes in the mind and body.

Crystals supply energy and have no ill side effects. Also the crystals give the cells that which is needed for repair.

This information is offered here as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment.

Crystal Photo Album - Just A Look Into The World Of Crystals

As you take the time to look at the photo album

You may fine that one or more crystals just seem to call to you.

I always tell other that a crystal like that is most likely good for you.

What Is Crystal Healing Therapy ?

Crystal Healing Or Crystal Therapy is about bio-energy

Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique.

Crystal vibrates at a specific frequency when an electric current is passed through it.

Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns using various forms of natural crystals.

The original radios were created using vibrating crystals to create the frequency to transmit signals.

Vibrating crystals can be used for time keeping. A quartz clock uses the vibration of a Clear quartz crystal to measure time.

Crystal Healing is the use of crystals, to heal and restore energy in the body. It is a therapeutic art that has the ability to affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual by using crystals for the healing.

It is based on the belief that crystals are energy converters made of bio-energy and your body is also made of bio-energy. Most say that this energy can not be measured, but test have been done using dowsing

Read More

Also crystals direct the flow of energy to the particular part of the body that is out of balance bring the body back into Balance.

When you place a crystal in each hand and let the bio-energy from the crystals flow through your body, you begin the healing and balancing.

Crystal Healing is very easy. You can use either polished or unpolished Crystals. I prefer to use Clear quartz crystal.

The Song Of The Healing Crystal Bowls

By Sharron Calvin

Have You Ever Thought About A Body Tune-up?

In the ancient lands of Atlantis and Egypt, healers traveled door to door with 'healing' crystal bowls tuned to the note of F# for the high heart. The high heart is the one heart that connects all hearts to the one, to spirit, to God. The ancients believed that the way to facilitate healing was opening the high heart. Today we refer to this as the Thymus Gland, the center for your immunity system.

By opening, clearing and re-balancing each of the seven major chakras, plus the 'high heart'. It has been scientifically established that each of these chakras or energy centers are associated with a musical note or vibrational frequency.

Our bodies are like musical instruments and when an instrument is not tuned properly, it doesn't respond well and performs badly. The body is much the same as when a dis-ease develops or imbalance occurs, we just don't function as well. Every cell in our body is genetically programmed to maintain its own health and well-being. However, life tends to take its toll and interferes with this delicate balance.

You can read more on the healing crystal bowls by Sharron Calvin on her Squidoo Lens.

Kirlian Photography

One way that energy can be seen.

History on Kirlian photography is a way of representing the energy of the body in visual form. Since discovered by inventors Semyon and Valentina Kirlian in 1939, the technique has been researched and refined by independent labs and health practitioners throughout the globe.

Read More

Crystal Healing Properties

Vibration of crystals- works with your body vibration for balance

Crystals hold and emit their own vibration, which stays constant. The vibration, when brought into our energy field, affects our vibration.

You can use a crystals to healing or help change your mental, emotional or physical state and help with your bodys healing.

When you are tense and stressed, just select two crystals and hold one in each hand and sit down and let the energy flow slowly through you.

This two crystals healing technique is one of the best for stress.

If you are drained and exhausted, get your crystals and place one in each hand to energize yourself.

There are many crystals, and there will always be one that can help you.

I have find the best way to pick a crystals for healing is just put it in my hand and if it feels right get it!!

Help Your Plants

Are you house plants not looking good ?

Place a small crystal on top of the dirt !

For Crystal Healing

"I prefer a clear quartz crystal about

4 inches long and 2" around

and comfortable in the hand"

Marcel Vogel

Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917 - 1991)

Marcel Vogel was a research scientist for IBM's San Jose facility for 27 years. He received numerous patents for his inventions during this time. Among these was the magnetic coating for the 24" hard disc drive systems still in use. His areas of expertise were phosphor technology, liquid crystal systems, luminescence, and magnetics.

In the 1970s Marcel did pioneering work in man-plant communication experiments. This led him to the study of quartz crystals and the creation of a faceted crystal that is now known as the Vogel-cut® crystal. The Vogel-cut® crystal is an instrument that serves to store, amplify, convert, and cohere subtle energies.

Marcel's research into the therapeutic application of quartz crystals led him to the investigation of the relationship between crystals and water. He discovered that he could structure water by spinning it around a tuned crystal, altering many of the characteristics of the water and converting it into an information storage system.

Read More


Luminary Studios Inc. By Drew Tousley

Looking For Were To Get A Marcel Vogel Crystals

Yes you can get Marcel Vogel Crystal's

The most important thing to remember when shopping for one there are a lot of look a likes don't work the same.

I have know Drew Tousley for many years and he is one that Marcel Vogel showed him and gave permission to make his crystals.

Stop In To Luminary Studio have a good look around

Luminary Studios was founded in 1993 by Drew Tousley and incorporated in 2000. Located in the heart of the redwoods just north of Santa Cruz, California, we are a small cutting operation, intent on serving the needs of the spiritual community by providing them with the highest quality quartz crystal meditation/healing tools and jewelry available.

While we still make the complete line of crystals as developed by Marcel Vogel, we have also developed a variety of healing/energy tools and pendants - designed by Drew Tousley - that have been "road tested" and proven in the field for their ability to enhance meditation, healing, and self-healing processes. The prayers and intention that go into our work do make a difference, as the plentiful positive feedback to us will attest.


Crystals in hand s
Crystals in hand s

Crystal Technique

A simple crystal instruction

A simple technique: To help you understand how Crystals are used for healing .

1. Hold a Crystal in the left hand placed in the center of the palm with the tip pointing toward the heel of the hand.

2. Hold a Crystal in the right hand with the tip pointing toward the fingertips.

3. Close your hands around the Crystals.

4. At this point you want to sit in a relaxed position or lie down in a comfortable position and let the energy flow through your body.

This is a basic technique to help you understand Crystals and Healing therapy.

Understanding Crystals For Healing

Crystals are gift from mother earth

Crystals For Healing have been used by many indigenous people as well as many ancient civilizations.

A crystal is a mineral that has a specific atomic structure and geometric pattern.

All healing processes are amplified when crystals are being used.

The body is surrounded by subtle energy called a person's aura.

The aura is an integral part of the humans physical body and any imbalance in the auric field.

Place a crystal in each hand to hold this can balance your body.

Crystals can also be worn or placed in the living or working environment.

You can wear a crystal and the energy from the crystal is going to help your body all day.

There are many ways and forms to use Crystals For Healing

Crystal Energies - From: nesskovarskis

This video is a great one on way to use crystals and color stones.

Rb Cat in Snow
Rb Cat in Snow

Crystal Work For Your Pets

Also Color Stones

I have been looking around at other website on healing with crystal and color stones for pets. I have been using then for years and I have a very easy rule when it comes to working on my pets. First I always make sure that what is wrong is something I can do or does my pet need the vet. If my pet need the vet and after then I stared using crystals.

Pets always tell you were and time is up you don't have to think on this one. When a pet is ill use two crystals one in each hand and go to the place that has the problem. Lets say you pet is having a problem walking and it's the back legs us your crystal on the hip and down the leg. If you pet just acts down place one hand over heart and the other on the back. Placing stones under beds is good for pets.

Now I know most of you are question what stone and what does the color do for my pet.

Easy rules Opaque Stone-moves the energy slow. Translucent Stone- moves the energy fast.

Pets like crystals and other color stone, but when it comes to a blue stone remember to use a light color blue pets don't like dark blue it may help clam them down but remember it is also for the mind and pets don't think like we do. May sure if you are going to put crystals or stones under your pets bed not to have them to small. In pets water dish use clear crystal, pink stone and purple stone. The purple helps with fleas. You pet is always going to tell you when it has had all the energy it can handle pets just get up and move away form you.

I hope you find this help with your pet.

Tired Aching Feet ?

At night place a crystal in each shoe. This will energize your shoes during the night.

For Meditation

"I prefer a clear quartz crystal about

5 or 6" long and 4" around

thats comfortable in the hand

or a large crystal on a light box"

Light Boxes

Great Way To See The Beauty Of Your Crystal

A light box is a great way to see your crystal and for doing mediation into a crystal. I have some small crystals I like to put on a light box. Most of all I love to put my large crystal on them. Putting a crystal on a light box also help bring energy of the crystal into a room. I hope you enjoy putting your crystals on a light box.

Light boxes come in very different sizes and some do have a hole for holding your crystal or other spheres. I have done a lot of looking to find the best price for your light box.


How Should I Meditate Using Crystals?

Meditation Can Add Peace In Your Life

Crystal Meditation is an ancient practice that offers tremendous benefits to the practitioner.

Meditation does not require any specific beliefs or any metaphysical or spiritual ideas. You do not need any special talent. You only need a clear crystal and yourself, your mind, and a few minutes in which you can be undisturbed.

The key to the crystal to meditate with is always the ones that feel good to you.

Meditation is a very unique, personal way to become better acquainted with your own spirit. No two people will do this the same way. You need to find what methods seem most comfortable to you.

Some people like to meditate with music, others prefer to meditate in silence. You may prepare a special area, a room, or to meditate outdoors.

One of the best ways to start is to just gaze into your crystal. Just allow your thoughts to come and go.

Meditation is used to gain a deeper knowledge / understanding of our inner self, and to attain spiritual peace within self.

Crystal Meditation is a very unique, personal, way to become better acquainted with your own spirit.

Always use one crystal for meditation and another for crystal healing.


For about 20 years Feather Light by Hilary Stagg has been my favorite.

Take the time and go hear both of the CDs.

Feather Light
Feather Light
Feather Light is my favorite music for Meditation. Stagg, playing an acoustic-electric harp, intertwines his peaceful
Earth Spirit
Earth Spirit
This collection of solo flute pieces from Navajo-Ute musician R. Carlos Nakai is an evocative delight.

The Biggest Crystal Ever Found - By Roland Walliser

This is the biggest crystal ever found. 16 million years old, 661 pounds and located in Switzerland.

Wish we all had a room for this one ! Great looking crystals.

Crystals For Healing Need To Be Cleansed, Cleared And Charged

Cleared & charged crystals always have a good vibration.

crystals for healing have had a lot written about how to cleanse,clear and charge.

Here are some of the ways I prefer.

*Smudge crystals with incense or herbs like sweet grass, sage, etc.

*Cleanse crystals in the ocean or in a bowl of salt water. To energize crystals place them in the sunlight or under the moonlight.

*Bury crystals in the earth.

* This is the method I prefer: wash your crystals in warm water with soap and then rinse in warm water. Dry your crystal and then put it between your hands and say the following three times ...

"I invoke the light of Christ within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide."

This cleanses, clears and charges your crystals for healing all in one.

Crystal and Electricity

Certain crystals most notably the quartz family can convert mechanical pressure into electrical energy-the stylus on a record player is a good example of this.

They can also convert electrical energy into precise mechanical vibrations as in earphones and ultrasonic radiators. This is known as the piezoelectric effect.

When pressure is applied to quartz crystals the crystal lattice becomes temporarily deformed. The positive silicon ions move to one side of the crystal while the negative oxygen ions move to the other side. This results in the opposite faces developing different and powerful electrical charges.

However this is not the same as generating an electric current. Non Metallic minerals do not conduct electricity. The relatively rigid structures of most of them allow their component atoms very little room for maneuver. As a result, they do not have the loose electrons needed to conduct an electric current.

While natural quartz is abundant it is rarely perfect rendering it unsuitable of industrial use. Piezoelectric crystals are therefore produce synthetically in the laboratory. They have exactly the same atomic structure and properties as their natural counter parts but are designed to meet very precise criteria. They are a valuable property commercially and has been extensively used since first discovered during the first world war they were first used to produce underwater acoustic waves as the first sonar detector.

Thin slices of quartz crystals are used in watches and other types of products that we wear or use, such as computers and radios.

Read More


Just place small clear quartz crystal in your water bottle, the crystal is going to energize your water.

Just try it !!!

Smokey Quartz

Way To Use

Natural fashion smoky quartz comes from many sources around the world. A few of the more noteworthy locations include Brazil the world's largest supplier and Pikes Peak area of Colorado, USA. Where it is associated with green amazonite and the Swiss Alps which has produced many tons of fine specimens.

Smokey quartz is associated with magical and healing qualities. It is believed that smokey quartz is nature's stone of endurance. It promotes personal pride and joy in living and creativity in business and opens the path for perception and learning.

Additionally smokey quartz is said to be a protection stone that cleanses and clears negative energy. As a grounding stone. Smokey quartz transmutes negative energies and facilitates your ability to get things done in the practical world. It enhances organizational skills and is good to have around in the workplace or home office.

Question and Anwers On Crystal Healing

I hope to answers some of the question I have got on crystal healing

Do I have to have right hand and left hand crystal?

I always tell people that if your crystals feel good in your hands then you have the right one.

Can I hurt someone doing crystal healing?

The way I do it NO

Do I have to have a female and male crystal?

Remember if the two crystals you pick for crystal healing feel good in your hands then your fine.

How can I learn how to do crystal healing is a book o.k.?

For some people yes books work and for other workshops are better.

How many crystals do I need to do crystal healing?

Your need two for your client and two for yourself.

What is the best color layout to do person?

I do not do color layout on the body. I fine that the four color stone technique works great for any place on the body.

Four Color Stone Technique

Four Color Stone Technique Color 1

Using a Green Stone

To start using the four color stone technique we will use the green stone start ! As you learn more and can remember then other color stones.

Here is a good place to start with color stones. I like to use a green stone for my Physical healing and putting my body back into balance.

This technique does not take must time and is easy to remember.

I Call To The Color Green

To flow over the Master Blueprint of the perfect cell memory and place this body back into balance Physical.

Just hold your stone and count to 10.

Four Color Stone Technique Color 2

Using A Pink Stone

Next in the Four Color Stone Technique we will use pink for Emotional Healing

"I Call To The Color Pink"

To flow over the Master Blueprint of the perfect cell memory and place this body back into balance Emotional.

Just hold your pink stone and count to 10 when using this technique.

Four Color Stone Technique Color 3

Using a Blue Stone

The third stone used in the four color stone technique is blue.

Here is the easy technique for putting your Mental back into balance.

"I Call To The Color Blue"

To flow over the Master Blueprint of the perfect cell memory and place this body back into balance Mental .

Just hold your blue stone and count to 10.

Four Color Stone Technique Color 4

Using The Purple Stone

The final stone for the four color stone technique is the color purple. I have find that doing my Spiritual last has worked the best for me.

"I Call To The Color Purple

To flow over the Master Blueprint of the perfect cell memory and place this body back into balance spiritual.

Just hold your purple stone and count to 10.

Learn More on Crystal Therapy

For a full lesson on crystal healing therapy go to-

Read More

Kids Corner

I have put this part in for the kids to have a place to come and learn about crystals, the books here are great for kids to start understand crystals.

What is Crystal Astrology?

I have been interested in Crystals and Crystal Healing for better than 30 years. Today I learned something completely new.

Crystal Astrology.

I feel like I must have been missing something because I had never heard of this before.

It would appear that Crystal Astrology uses 360 crystal elements in relation to the position of the sun at the time of your birth. In different books they show birth charts, crystals and plants and then connect all of this to numerology.

I find this most interesting and just to fill my bowl of curiosity, I think I should look deeper into the subject of

Biggest Crystals On Earth

Crystals in a cave

This is the story about the Video below "Crystal Cave of Giants"

Feb. 8, 2001 - The largest natural crystals on Earth have been discovered in two caves within a silver and zinc mine near Naica, in Chihuahua, Mexico, according to mine officials.

Reaching lengths of over 20 feet, the clear, faceted crystals are composed of selenite, a crystalline form of the mineral gypsum.

Read More

Crystal Cave of Giants: - Biggest crystals on the planet

My World On Squidoo - Other topics you may find of interest

As much as I love Crystal Healing, its not my only interest. Here you will see some of my other interests, that I have created squidoo lenses about.

Look at some of my favorites from Squidoo

Favorites From Squidoo - Have a look!

Just a few great lens here in squidoo to look at on crystal healing and stones.

Please take a few moments to let me know what you think about my lens. I would love to hear from you so please say hell!

Just stop and say Hi - I would like to thank each one for signing in and the kind words, I hope this lens can help you.

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    • profile image

      Nara White Owl 

      4 years ago

      thank you Nara

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      6 years ago

      A very extensive and interesting article on crystals.

    • Nara White Owl profile imageAUTHOR

      Nara White Owl 

      10 years ago

      @Steve Dizmon: Cumberland, I would like to thank you for coming to my lens. Glade you are thing to get a lens going good luck and keep me up date on your new lens. Thanks again, Nara

    • Steve Dizmon profile image

      Steve Dizmon 

      10 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Just found a second lens from you involving crystals. Another "Thumbs Up". I am particularly fond of Lemurian Wands and intend to do a lens on those soon. You have inspired me to start sooner rather than later. Thanks.

    • WiccaLady profile image


      11 years ago

      just checked out the music on the first video, its really cool! and the video of the massive crystal is really good as well - It's so big! x

    • Nara White Owl profile imageAUTHOR

      Nara White Owl 

      11 years ago

      @WiccaLady: WiccaLady,

      Thank you for coming to my lens. I had a dog with arthritis and I have done the four color also the first aid works good. Thanks again for coming by, Nara

    • WiccaLady profile image


      11 years ago

      Thanks for your lens, my dog has arthritis of the spine and has responded really well to conventional treatment, but I think I may try a bit of crystal healing with her. I'm also keen to try your 4 colour stone technique! I've lensrolled this to my lens called 'Crystals for healing, how to choose, use and cleanse'. Blessings

    • Nara White Owl profile imageAUTHOR

      Nara White Owl 

      11 years ago

      @Global Imaging T: Thank you for coming by my lens, I have also used magnetic therapy it great. Another great alternative healing. Thanks again.Nara

    • profile image

      Global Imaging T 

      11 years ago

      Nice informative lens! In my family we are all users of the magnetic therapy products. The last one we try was the Magnet Panty, a product to alleviate the menstrual pains. My 15 years old daughter is a living testimony of it. Her menstrual pains are gone forever without the need of any other medicines.

      Certainly I will be looking the crystals therapy as another healing alternative.

      Please check my lens for more information,

    • Nara White Owl profile imageAUTHOR

      Nara White Owl 

      12 years ago

      [in reply to slcalvin]

      Thank you for coming by and I'm glad you enjoyed this lens. Hilardy Stagg was a great harp player . Thanks again I did a lensroll to your crystal bowl lens. I have one and love the sound of my bowl.

    • slcalvin profile image

      Sharron Calvin 

      12 years ago from Santa Fe, New Mexico

      Loved the information about putting the crystal in our shoes and Hillary Stagg's music is just beautiful. I would like to lensroll this lens onto my crystal bowl lens. Thanks for all the time you've spent explaining about crystals. I love them too.

    • Nara White Owl profile imageAUTHOR

      Nara White Owl 

      12 years ago

      [in reply to WendyKrick]

      Thanks for coming by this lens. I'm glad that you find this lens helpful.

    • Nara White Owl profile imageAUTHOR

      Nara White Owl 

      12 years ago

      [in reply to WendyKrick]

      Thank you for coming to my lens. I hope it can help you for time to time. Also you may wish to look at Energy Healing Techniques it is the full completes instructions on crystal healing. Thanks again for coming.

    • Wendy L Henderson profile image

      Wendy Henderson 

      12 years ago from PA

      I agree this is a wonderful lens. I learned a lot.

    • profile image


      12 years ago


      Thank fo rthis lens. I like it and have learned a lot. I did the four color stone technique and it di help my foot. I have been putting a crystal in my water and I do feel better at the end of my world do.

      I'll be back for more help.

    • WhiteOak50 profile image


      12 years ago

      Fantastic Lens! Thank you for adding it to Everything Spiritual I have worked with crystals for many year now and learn something new all of the time.

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      Wow, Nara, you have created a comprehensive tutorial about Crystals. What a gift! Now I know where to send people who are interested in this subject. There's something of interest here for the novice as well as experienced Crystal fan.

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      Wow, I am humbled by your expertise and fascinated by this type of natural healing. I am a mere novice.. 5 stars and rolled to "Magical Gemstones and Crystals" for those who need a REAL expert!

    • Nara White Owl profile imageAUTHOR

      Nara White Owl 

      12 years ago

      Hi Julie, thank you for visiting. I am thrilled to have you come here and giving me some recommendation on my lens. I do recommend a specific type of crystal and size. So I'll write that up using a spotlight module. I have found so much encouragement from viewing your lenses. You are angel !!!!!!!

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      Do you recommend a specific type of crystal or crystal size? Perhaps a spotlight module for such a recommendation. I had a friend many years ago who sold crystals locally in a small kiosk in a local mall.

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      I have to agree. Great job. Number one in my book.You have my vote.

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      I second that! Excellent and informative lens. You've got my vote!

    • Dayle Medley profile image

      Dayle Medley 

      12 years ago

      Congratulations on a job well done. Layout is clean and very well organized. Great information. I love it and give it a 5 star.


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