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Am I Depressed? 5 Depression Warning Signs

Updated on May 19, 2013

Am I Depressed?

How many of us have had bad days, or something went wrong, and we've said " I'm so depressed!" Of course at that moment in time, we're probably correct, in fact we can remain that way for several hours, or even days.

But to be suffering from depression is a totally different thing, and in fact people can have it for a long time before they even realize it. Here I'll give you 5 depression warning signs, but there are obviously a lot more. On the other hand, there are certain symptoms that certainly are a part of depression, but taken individually, would not bring this diagnosis.

However, several of these symptoms taken together, would in fact be taken as depression warning signs. The most obvious, and certainly the most widely recognized, would be the 'blues', or the feeling of being 'down'. Although the symptom does not necessarily mean you're suffering from depression. It could just mean that you are down or blue.

If you are prone to bursting into tears for no apparent reason, this then would be more likely to be seen as possible depression. A feeling of lethargy and lack of enthusiasm are also clear indicators.


Warning Signs

The most common, and most obvious, 5 depression warning signs would be:

1. Listlessness, lack of enthusiasm for even the most simple of tasks. You would find that things that you normally do without even a second thought, that use very little energy, would suddenly feel like the most difficult and taxing job in the world.

2. Outbursts of tears without warning, sometimes in the middle of doing a normal everyday task. You may feel sad, you may not, but you will get the sudden onset of tears. You'll get the nauseous, uncomfortable feeling of dread, as if something awful was going to happen, then it would pass just as quickly.

3. Sleeping patterns will be disturbed. Sometimes you will feel like sleeping all day and all night, never wanting to get out of bed. Other times you will suffer insomnia, and not be able to sleep at all.

4. Unexplained aches and pains. Back pain, headache, even internal pains, will go unexplained. They may even be bad enough to take you to the doctor, but still remain unexplained, except possibly if accompanied by other symptoms.

5. Change in appetite: Which can go either way: You will either want to eat absolutely anything in sight, always feel hungry, and consequently gain weight. Or you could lose all interest in food altogether, and consequently lose weight.

Any one of these, continuing through an abnormal length of time; could be a warning sign. Certainly all five together would mean it's time to take steps to help yourself.

There are also many other symptoms which point towards depression, particularly if five or more symptoms present themselves together. Apart from the above 5 depression warning signs, other signs can be;

- Lack of enjoyment, of things you would normally enjoy.
- Thoughts of harming another person, particularly with babies.
- Reduced sex drive
- Feeling really bad first thing in the morning.
- Poor motivation.
- Low self-esteem.
- Difficulty making decisions.
- Lack of energy.
- Constipation.
- Poor concentration.
- Suicidal thoughts (in extreme cases)

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how badly you feel, there is always a solution, be it medical or natural, whether it comes from the doctor, from a friend, or from yourself - There is a solution!


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