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diets: A special way of losing weight that works for you

Updated on August 20, 2011

What is my special way of losing weight?

In response to the question do you have a special way of losing weight that works for you? Yes, I do. A special way of losing weight that works for me is diet and exercise. Through dieting or monitoring what you eat you can gain better control of your fat intake. Make no mistake some diets are harder to maintain than others. I responded to this question mainly because, I myself have issues with weight gain and weight control. The key to losing weight for me is plain and simple; your body has to burn more calories that you intake. A good way to burn calories is through exercise. Your exercises should focus on cardio and the midsection; mainly because the midsection tends to be the target area of weight gain with women. You can target your midsection specifically with machines like the ab circle pro .Through regular exercising you can burn a significant amount of calories, and toned different areas of the body. You should however consult your physician before you attempt any diet or exercise regimen. I am no diet expert but I am constructing this hub with information from experience and other experts. I intend to introduce and inform you about several methods and areas of weight loss. Please feel free to offer any constructive criticism or advice. Feel free to ask any questions or to leave any comments or concerns.

diets tips

Drink plenty of water. Water is a natural source for weight loss that really works. It aids in speeding up the digestion process, as providing a fuller feeling. It is also a naturally soluable, meaning it acts as a natural fiber to keep you regular. You should make sure that you don't skip breakfast. Breakfast is very vital to weight loss. You should start your day off with breakfast as it is very important to increase your metabolism. You should also reduce your portions of food, and stick with lean foods and that are high in fiber but low in fat such as chicken and fish. Stay away from processed foods, pork and fried foods. Start your exercise off with a brisk walk and gradually grow from that. You should also avoid junk food, and eating late at night.


diets that help you lose weight fast

The first diet listed is the HCG Diet. This diet is new to me but it seems to be well known over the web. The HCG diet or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet, is a hormone naturally produce through placenta in pregnant women. It is made in a laboratory and used to speed up metabolism, for a significant weightloss result. Most HCG dieter's report a 1-2 pound a day weight loss. It also comes with a diet plan structured for the person taking hcg injections. Some factors that increase the weight loss with this regimen is an increased intake of vegetables as well as an increased intake of water and salads with each meal. This sounds like a winner.


There is also the 72 hr slimming diet. This diet call for the digestion of the 72 hour pill product and suggests that you can lose at most 10 pounds in three days. I have never tried this but it kinda sounds too good to be true. I am certainly going to research this one asap.

Another popular weight lost fast diet is the ever popular Master Cleanse also known as the Lemonade diet. This diet is a detox for the body that calls for you to only drink the lemonade concoction for about 10 consecutive days. It has been reported to be a very difficult diet but if followed can produce magnificent results. This one is popular in hollywood, and has been showcased by Beyonce, and 50 Cent who drastically dropped about 54 pounds in less than a two months time frame.

JerseyShore Star's credit the HCG Diet For Their Weight Loss

 J-woww  and Snooki of MT's hit reality show Jersey Shore have recently slimmed down, after going on the HCG diet. The most drastic thing about this diet is that u can only consume 500 calories per day.They look grea, but i for one am a little scared of this one. 

50 Cent before the Master Cleanse
50 Cent before the Master Cleanse
50b Cents after the Master Cleanse
50b Cents after the Master Cleanse
Beyonce After Master Cleanse
Beyonce After Master Cleanse

Beyonce and 50 Cent Have both Gotten Significant Results From The Master Cleanse Diet

 Beyonce used the Master Cleanse to lose a quick twenty pounds to play young Deena in Dream Girls. Way to go Bee. 50 Cent's slim down was nothing less than shocking he totally transformed for a movie roll and it looked down right scary. His weight loss is credited to the Master Cleanse Diet as well.For a complete story you shoul checkout my blogspot blog at,


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