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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush

Updated on September 27, 2014

I have always wanted a working Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver and now I have found it! This is one Dr Who Gift that I will definitely be adding to my Gift list! I spotted it earlier today and the moment I saw it my response was....YES! That's because I had just found (and ordered) it as a gift for a friend of mine who is as big a Doctor Who Fan as I am.

A Working Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver!

This Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver is cleverly disguised as a vibrating toothbrush! It really is perfect for any Doctor Who fan who wishes to take the show with them both morning and night when they clean their teeth!

While the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver on the show to open doors, fix things, and perform wonders on the show, I just love the fact that we have the opportunity to use the iconic sonic screwdriver to keep our teeth clean. This is such a fun vibrating toothbrush which will really get in and cleans the area between your teeth while we can be imagining ourselves as the Doctor.

On a practical level I also love the fact that you really get your money's worth with this toothbrush, especially with the spare brush head. So even after one brush head is worn out you can keep going! Or if you want to share the toothbrush with a loved one you can both become the Doctor!

Reminiscent of the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver, the body of the toothbrush is sturdy and strong. The colors are vibrant and accurate to the sonic screwdriver that's seen on the cult BBC show.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - The Perfect Dr Who Gift

Even if someone wasn't a Doctor Who fan they are going to love this unique toothbrush! If they are a Doctor Who fan then this is a gift that they are going to love! They are also going to have very clean teeth - in fact when mine arrives in my Christmas stocking I think I might be spending more time cleaning my teeth!

If like me you are based in the UK then do get your own Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush

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More Great Doctor Who Gift Ideas

If you have a Doctor Who Fan on your gift buying list then why stop at the Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush? There's a whole host of brilliant gifts you can buy them to suit every season of the year.

Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic Toothbrush Holder
Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

It's not bigger on the inside than the outside like the original TARDIS but it certainly has plenty of room to store your Doctor Who Toothbrush in when you are not cleaning your teeth!

What could be better that a Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic toothbrush holder for the dedicated Whovian. As soon as they reach for their toothbrush the dedicated Whovian is going to be able to imagine being whisked across time and space!

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain
Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

Could there be anything better! Before you reach for your Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush you have your shower in the TARDIS!

Well maybe not unless someone has built a TARDIS Shower cublicle but you can certainly imagine that you are inside the TARDIS when you are showering with this matching Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain can't you!


Can you imagine yourself as Doctor Who cleaning your teeth?

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    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      actually, it's a pretty nice looking toothbrush