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Endermologie Cellulite Treatment - What's It All About?

Updated on April 6, 2010

Endermologie Cellulite Treatment

The world of cellulite treatments can be a tangled labyrinth to the newbie. It appears as if everybody has some sort of product or procedure to advertise that will assist you in doing away with cellulite. How can you distinguish the fraud from the bona fide? How will you even recognise or come to know if any of these treatments or procedures are going to be effective? It calls for a good history of certified testing for a cellulite treatment to make the grade, particularly in the eyes of the FDA and other organizations that monitor product development. Lotions, and so forth that claim great benefits are nothing new, so it is of great importance to have some kind of measuring of efficacy or potency before a cellulite treatment can make legitimate claims.

This is where the endermologie cellulite treatment comes in. Endermologie is basically a machine-assisted process facilitated by a certified endermologist that renders a kind of skin therapy to help assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite. The method was formulated by French plastic surgeons in the eighties, and was at first practiced as a way to treat scar tissue. This scar treatment showed itself to be successful, and later on it expanded to be utilized for more cosmetic or "ornamental" purposes, for example cellulite reduction.

Now how is endermologie utilized to treat cellulite? Endermologie is administered with the assistance of an Endermologie machine. The treatment is completely non-invasive (in other words, no surgery is required), but rather it utilizes mechanized rollers upon the surface of the skin. The rollers practically fold and unfold the skin at steady intervals and produce an effect very akin to a deep tissue massage. As the machine is running, a display screen furnishes real-time information on different parts of the procedure, such as thickness of the skin tissue and betterments or alterations in the condition of your tissue. This helps in assisting the endermologist to find out the effectualness of the procedure.

Cellulite Treatment...Endermologie

This endermologie cellulite treatment is executed mainly as a way to create a smoother appearance in the regions of the skin that are impacted by cellulite. On that point, there are small side effects to the procedure, the primary ones being a possible irritation, soreness or bruises in the treated areas. Once again, since the outcomes of the treatment have many times been equated to a deep tissue massage, any person that has ever underwent a deep tissue massage can recount you that there can be a short term soreness with a promise of a more lasting benefit.

But even still the longer-term benefit does not last forever. After a series of extensive studies, the FDA has okayed the claim that Endermologie can bring about merely a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Endermologie treatments must happen on a frequent basis for lasting results to be seen. Approximately 14 to 28 total treatments are required for the best results, with the treatments taking place on a weekly basis, or maybe even twice a week. Each treatment session has about a 30 minute duration. There are some treatments that utilize isometric exercises in addition, with the patient doing various movements to isolate specific muscle groups for better stimulation of fat cells.

My hope is that you have learned a good deal about the endermologie cellulite treatment. Keep tuning in for more hubs from Praveen!


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