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Natural Face Firming Treatments: Anti Aging Home Remedies and Exercises

Updated on July 19, 2017

Battle Aging Naturally

Anti Aging and Face Firming

There are several anti aging and face firming creams available in the market today. The fact is that the cosmetic Industry is a $ 1 billion industry. Though several of these products claim to be natural and organic, they include certain chemicals and toxins which can have a detrimental effect on the skin in the long run. Natural treatment comprising of simple home remedies and exercises can help in keeping the skin of the face firm and help you effectively avert the signs of aging.

Face Firming Treatments: Dietary suggestions and Lifestyle TIps

Aging is inevitable and inescapable; nonetheless, adequate skin care makes it possible to postpone the signs of aging successfully. The very first sign of aging is the manifestation of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. In most cases, faulty lifestyle, a poor skin care regimen and dietary irregularities contribute to premature aging.

There are several natural home remedies and foods to delay aging and they have been proven beneficial in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Further, these therapies can help in retaining the skin tone and texture and also improve the overall appearance of an individual. Here are some dietary suggestions that will help:

  • Increase your intake of Vitamin A rich foods. Include foods like capsicum, sweet potatoes, carrot, and mango in your daily diet. Animal liver and chicken are great sources of vitamin A, however excessive consumption of non-vegetarian sources is associated with the risk of vitaminotoxicosis.
  • Include protein rich foods in your diet. Soy, lean meat, and legumes are great sources of this macronutrient.
  • Avoid refined and processed foods. These foods are loaded with preservatives which increase free radicals which can result in premature cellular damage, resulting in aging and formation of wrinkles.

Also protect the skin from undue exposure of sun.

Face Firming Home Remedies for Anti Aging

The following home remedies tone up the muscles of the face, improve skin texture, eliminate age spots and fine lines and lend a wonderful glow to the skin; thus staving off the disagreeable signs of aging.

  • Blend together ΒΌ bowl of milk, honey, 5 to 7 drops of lemon juice and 2 drops of vitamin E oil. Apply over your face and neck and massage gently in circular motion. Wash off after half an hour. This blend promises to make your skin taut and firm, and also bleaches the skin naturally. Vitamin E reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps the skin looking soft and young.
  • Mash a banana, add some wheat germ oil or almond oil and massage in to the face. Leave for 30 minutes; then rinse. This recipe is an excellent anti-wrinkle and anti aging treatment.
  • Aloe Vera gel proffers wonderful skin nourishing and skin hydrating properties. Use aloe Vera to massage your face at least once daily. The gel moisturizes the skin, wards off sagging of the skin as well as wrinkle formation successfully.

Face Firming Exercises: Exercises to Tone Up and Firm the Muscles of the Face

Exercising the muscles of the face is as important as exercising other muscle groups of the body. Facial exercises and face yoga make the muscles supple and firm and prevent drooping and sagging of the facial skin, thus lending it a youthful appearance.

  • Eye Exercises to Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles around the Eyes: Place the ring and middle fingers at the outer corners of eyes. Gently apply pressure, and then squeeze your eyes shut. Hold for 15 seconds and release.
  • Forehead Exercises: Frown and pull the eyebrows close to one other. Thereafter, lift them as far up as you can. Hold for 15 seconds, then release.
  • Cheek Exercises: Puff out your cheeks and hold for 15 seconds. Then move the ball of air within the mouth: up, down, right and left. Release and repeat.


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    • profile image

      Janice Horner 3 years ago

      Love this article. I honestly think that plastic surgery has so many things to consider that could go wrong, that natural alternatives are a better way to keep wrinkles at bay!

    • profile image

      it is nice plece donot terminate the converseation 5 years ago

      it is

    • My Footprints profile image

      My Footprints 6 years ago from MY

      I think I will give it a try - the facial firming home remedy. When you mentioned milk - what sort of milk? I have been using the off the shelf face masks for a while now and I am not sure whether it is effective in delaying the aging of my skin. Thanks for the tips. You may want to hop over to my hub on ---Ways to keep skin aging at bay.