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Folding Exercise Equipment

Updated on February 3, 2016

Find Room to Work Out with Folding Exercise Equipment

Gym memberships can be expensive, and sometimes just getting to the gym to work out can be a deterrent to regular exercise. But finding space to put traditional workout equipment in your home can also be a challenge.

So what's a person to do? One solution is to get folding exercise equipment. Most popular exercise machines are available in easy-to-store designs so you'll save space. With your own home workout equipment, you'll never again have to drive to the gym to get fit. So when the mood strikes to work out, you'll be ready! Here is some fitness gear that can be easily stored when it's not in use.

(Image of Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper provided by amazon)

Folding Steppers - Steppers can be folded and stored after use

Steppers are popular exercise machines at many gyms. They can help you improve your cardiovascular health, and are great for toning your legs. Depending on your size, you can also burn about 400 calories an hour on a stepper. These slim, folding models can help you slim down in no time.

Avari Free Stride Stepper
Avari Free Stride Stepper


- Compact design to fit in small workout areas

- Adjustable dual shock resistance

Multi-function monitor displays strides per minute, stride count,


FitDesk Folding Bike is a Desk, Too - Exercise bike has a shelf for your laptop or book

If you want to work while you work out, this folding exercise bike may be what you're looking for. I bought a FitDesk exercise bike shortly after they came out and absolutely love it! It's the only piece of exercise equipment I've ever owned that I've continued to use on a daily basis for more than a year. The FitDesk is perfect for anyone who wants to exercise while working, reading, surfing the web or playing video games. You can read my FitDesk Exercise Desk Review at HubPages.

FitDesk Semi-Recumbent Pedal Desk
FitDesk Semi-Recumbent Pedal Desk

Product description: Imagine surfing the web, checking email, keeping up with friends, beating the next level on your favorite game, or finishing that big deadline, all while losing weight and improving your cardiovascular health. Now you can converge health and productivity with FitDesk. This unique patent pending design provides comfortable placement of your elbows to steady and free your hands for typing, surfing, gaming and beyond! Read our feedback and reviews to see what people are saying (New comfort seat starting 2-1-2011). Major research studies show that if you exercise while doing the things you already do you are more likely to increase consistency and duration. Weighing in at only 38 lbs FitDesk is the lightest and most compact "X" bike made. We did not stop there. FitDesk also is safer and more comfortable design by using our suspension strap which eliminates the pinch point found on other low cost "X" bikes.


FitDesk Helps You Work Out While You Work -- And It Folds, Too!

FitDesk Helps You Work Out While You Work -- And It Folds, Too!
FitDesk Helps You Work Out While You Work -- And It Folds, Too!

Folding Exercise Bikes - Easy to store after you ride

Biking is great for cardiovascular health and burning calories. But sometimes the weather makes outdoor cycling impossible. When you can't get outside to ride your bike, riding an indoor stationary cycle is a good alternative. But if don't have a place to leave a stationary bike up all the time, check out these folding exercise bikes.

Folding Elliptical Trainers - Elliptical trainers are great for low-impact exercise

The first elliptical trainer was patented in 2004, and since then they've been very popular due to the ability to simulate walking or running without the risk of impact injuries. Like steppers and bikes, they can be used to tone your lower body and improve your cardiovascular health. But they can also take up a lot of space. If you can't fit a regular elliptical trainer in your home, these folding designs may be just what you're looking for.

Folding Treadmills - Walk your way to health

Treadmills are popular exercise machines because they allow you to get a cardiovascular workout by walking or running, which are activities that don't require any special skill. In addition, many people find it easy to listen to radio or TV or even read books and magazines while on the treadmill. That's why they're extremely popular at gyms. But you don't need to pay for an expensive membership to get the benefits of a treadmill, even if you don't have a lot of room in your home. These folding models take up less room and are easy to store.

Get Fit, Get Healthy

Adults need 30 minutes of physical activity on five or more days a week to be healthy. - US Dept of Health & Human Services

Folding Exercise Trampolines - Bounce into better shape!

These little trampolines will have you hopping to a healthier you in no time, and these models take up little space when folded and stowed.

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      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I didn't know folding exercise equipment existed. Interesting! I mainly walk or ride my bike.

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      Informative Lens!

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