Going through menopause twice

  1. jacquelynjohnson profile image60
    jacquelynjohnsonposted 5 years ago

    Well the first time was bad enough. I had a total hystectomy at 37 , years before I would have gone into it naturally. Fortunatally I have a mother who is not big on all the pills and formulas they offer. She's native american and suggested that I only take those products when absolutely nessasary, no one should self medicate themselves completely unless they know what their doing. She told me about taking a chinese herb that worked very well along with certain vitimins. Every womens body reacts to hormone replacement therapy differently. I didn't react to it very well which is why I opted for more natural remedies. It worked. But now that Im over 50 I'm going through menopause again. I can not take hormone replacement therapy again as it is I was on it too long to begin with. Check with your Ob/Gyn and learn all you can about the therapy you're taking and how long you can safely take it. Currently I found that gentle yoga helps with the body aches , and again  e, d, b-complexs (good for your nervous system), a cool gentle swim on those I really feel like crap days and accupunture. Accupunture works for alot of conditions. And a cool shower for those night sweats. I gladly welcome any other suggestions.