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    quanlayposted 4 years ago

    Life, why is it so tough? How can I make it easier?  Everyone asked those questions to themselves at least once in their lifetime. Well the answer to those questions is we should look at the "brighter side of things". Waking up everyday stressed that you wished you live out your dreams, but instead reality stop you right after getting out of college from achieving your dreams to getting a regular job to maintain everyday living. See the way we should look at life is to face the facts that we really have everything we need,family, food, job, home, etc. We tend to think more about the things that's negative than the things that's positive and will make us feel better and good about ourselves. First we need to note down everything that makes us happy, and then the things that makes us unhappy, after that's done we should try our best to cross off the bad and stick with the good. I'm not saying this is a easy task but its the beginning of a new life. Stop questioning life, just get out and make something positive happen for you and your family. Thank you for reading and if you need any advice just let me know.