Smoking Alternatives!

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    kristiambroseposted 2 years ago

    Sometimes I feel like saying I am a smoker is like admitting I am gay - there is always going to be people that are supportive and then people that will attack you.  Well, I went through a few of the posts on this forum and when it comes to smoking, most of you seem to be pretty supportive, so I figured, what the hell.  I need answers/suggestions and everywhere else is filled with people that are very hateful.  By the way, this is long!  Apologies ahead of time.

    Okay so I started smoking when I was 16.  Over the years there have been times where I wanted to stop but something always happened to where I decided to hold on a little longer.  Last year for instance, was really rough.  My cousin, my dog and my grandma all died within 5 months of each other.  I agree, smoking is not just about being addicted, its also about comfort and habit.  I do smoke when I am in stressful situations, dealing with deadlines, dealing with... life lol.  They seem to calm me down.  But, I also don't want to die, I don't want a surefire way to get cancer, and I would like to live long enough to see grandkids.

    On one hand I just want to quit cold turkey.  I had a chest cold this week and haven't smoked a commercial cigarette in about 5 days.  Any inhaling makes my dry cough really bad.  On the other hand, quitting cold turkey freaks me out, panics me and makes me go all "wtf am I going to do for stress" lol (even though the smart me knows there are alternatives to releasing stress; exercise, sex, yoga, etc).

    So I figure I have three or so options.
    1- Quit cold turkey - not excited about this or the withdrawal symptoms.
    2- Wean myself off to e-cigarettes - I have tried these before, but I need a higher dosage of nic
    3- Buy my own tubes, my own organic leaves and make my own damn cigarettes.

    The above options may be alternatives, obviously one is the most sought after option.  Duh. 

    E-cigarettes are something I have, but I think the nicotine dosage needs to be higher because last time I tried quitting, I smoked these and I don't know if it was all in my head or what, but I felt like I was not getting what I "needed" in terms of the nicotine. 

    Organic RYO cigarettes:  Is this really an alternative?  You are still inhaling something, its still going into your lungs, and it still contains trace amounts of tar - albeit less than something like a unfiltered or commercial cigarette.  Yes, if I would roll my own, the tubes would have filters on the end.  I see no other reason to NOT put filters on them! 

    So I wanted to see from the people that know about this subject or the people that smoke or have tried alternatives, what really worked for you?  Are organic cigarettes really a better alternative to commercial cigarettes and are e-cigarettes really a good way to get yourself off of commercial cigarettes?  I would really like some feedback from you guys.

    FYI:  As far as the government, FDA and big Pharma companies are concerned, I think they are all BS when they say something like organic cigs and e-cigs are worse for you than commercial cigarettes.  YES, I am one of those conspiracy people to a certain point lol.

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      Kathryn L Hillposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      My neighbor quit because she had a bad dream featuring growths on her lungs. The next day, she put an unopened pack in her kitchen drawer and never opened it or another pack again. She quit a long time ago, (during the 90's) but, now she is in her 80's. She has emphysema and must take oxygen from a canister. She is very short of breath and can't do the gardening she so loves.
      Just realize when you were born, your mother spent nine months giving you your beautiful pink lungs. Now they are black.
      This can't be good for your future health.
      Contemplate the reality of your no-longer-pink lungs. The sooner you start allowing your lungs to heal by clearing out the gunk, the better chance you have of a healthy, breathing future.
      STOP somehow or other! stop! My Dad quit cold turkey. My mom held his hand and comforted him during the shakes etc. He got through it and his lungs are perfectly fine now that he is past his 80's. He stopped in the 1980's, thank goodness.
      Be motivated by fear of bad consequences. Know what they are. Do some research.
      Did you want this type of advice?
      Well, you got it anyway.
      I wish you luck and most importantly, motivation to quit and restore your beautiful pink lungs.
      PS Try to drink green tea, instead… it helps over come alcohol addiction… maybe nicotine addiction too!