Your Wellness

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    SalubriousMSOposted 2 years ago

    I am curious what people consider their top five pieces of their own wellness?  And Why?

    When I think about my own wellness journey my top five aspects are a natural food diet and daily exercise because I like how healthy feels and I like to recreate hard. 
    Revitalizing and building strong friendships and community-these bonds have been among the most important not only for the love but my personal growth.
    Creating a healthy environment that reflects who I am-this is something I struggle with to bring out that self expression in the form I would like it to take. 
    Cultivating an engaged open mind through meditation, mind body things like yoga and spiritual exploration.  I have been humbled and know there is something more than what is just present to our five senses.
    And lastly the idea of abundance, how much is truly enough, helping others to achieve their full potential-this is a work in progress as well.

    Im curious because I like to know what makes people tick, but also to spark new ideas and creativity for everyones benefit.

    Thanks for reading and sharing!