The good thing about doing good

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    realtalk247posted 2 years ago

    The miracle of life. How helping others, believing in others, comes around full circle.  Over thirty years ago doctor Michael Shannon of San Clemente, CA did his best to keep a premature 3.2 pound baby alive.  The miracle baby, Chris Trokey, was given a 50% change of survival but he lived.  Fast forward to March 29, 2011 firefighter-paramedic Chris Trokey help used the jaws of life to rescue the pediatrician from his SUV which caught fire due to an accident with a semi truck along Pacific Coast Highway.  How amazing for Michael Shannon to save Chris Trokey and vice versa?  Good deeds do come back around. Be blessed and be a blessing to someone else.

    Do you have any stories of how playing it forward effected your life or the lives of others?
    Have you ever lost hope in doing good because you can't see the effects of your efforts?