What do you think of teeth grinding?

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    greeneyedblondieposted 2 years ago

    A few months ago I put my top clear almost invisiline retainer in for the millionth time and then, a small piece came out near my left k-9 tooth. I just figured it was a weak spot. I came in and showed my orthadonist in the next appointment, thinking he would just give me a new one and move on but he insisted he thought it was grinding. I let it go. I had never been told of grinding before, and no one in my family has any history of it. My teeth weren't wearing away, so I moved on.

    Eventually I thought about it again between appointments. I did an experiment, and sleept without my retainers for a night. The next morning I noticed I didn't have as horrific bad breath, my mouth wasn't extremely dry like it had been, and it was easier to wake up. I wore it the next night and I noticed my mouth wanted to go into "grind mode" and move back and forth. The service was so smooth and perfect. When I woke up, took the retainer out, and tried consiously grinding it felt unnatural, weird, and my teeth just didn't want to do it. It was nearly impossible.

    I've come up with the idea that my retainer has trained my mouth into "grinding mode" so I've stopped wearing it. I recently went back to the orthozontist office, they basically treated me like I was an idiot. They asked about my dental hygentist and decided they would give them a call "warning them" (I've also had a cleaning recently and they didn't say anything about it then). They showed me what a grind guard was telling my I'll probably need one in the future. They also mentioned my compacted molars that are no where near coming in yet (I personally believe they never will). I told them my regular dentist knew about that and were keeping an eye on my teeth. He suggested an oral surgon and called my dentist office about that too.

    Should I believe my orthodontist? He seems to just be going over my head about everything. Now I'm nervous about going to my next cleaning in the fall, thinking my hygentist is going to be shoving all this stuff down my throat. What are your opinions?

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    awareposted 2 years ago

    I think you have a future in denistry.

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    Herrom08posted 22 months ago

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