Do you think hummus is healthy?

  1. Oldskool903 profile image83
    Oldskool903posted 2 years ago

    Do you use hummus? Is it healthy? I love the stuff but I really do not know if it is healthy or not. I put it on my chicken and salads but sometimes I feel like it is taking away from my healthy eating. Would you consider hummus a healthy condiment?

    1. Kathryn L Hill profile image86
      Kathryn L Hillposted 2 years ago in reply to this

      Hummus is a Middle Eastern condiment made of mashed up chickpeas, pulverized sesame seeds, lemon juice and parsley all blended up.
      It is both nutritious and delicious.
      (But, of course, without salt, it is not tasty in the least.
      If made right, I could eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

      Now, the problem with hummus is this:
      Usually you slather it in/on a wheat pita, along with other ingredients, such as lettuce, tomato, falafel balls and meats, to make a sandwich.

      Here is what I have figured out based on literature, (health food books which I trust,) about the proper mixing of foods and my own experience. (But, I have not researched any polls on the matter …  so no, I do not have any stats for you. neutral )

      The lemon juice in the hummus makes it hard to digest grains, legumes and meats.
      Lemon juice and vinegar causes the gastric juices to neutralize the acid with an alkaline medium. So, you may not be able to break down the grains, legumes and meats of the sandwich which require an acidic medium. According to the science of digestion, when foods do not break down, gas from putrefaction is created in the bowls.

      Therefore, when I make hummus, I don't add lemon juice, vinegar or salted umeboshi plum (umi) as all of these substances alkalize the stomach/gastric juices. If I buy preprepared hummus from Trader Joe's or a local Armenian market, I use it on salads or vegetables only.

      Good dishes for Hummus which contains some type of citric acid:
      1. Greek salad / any salad
      2. Roasted peppers, eggplant and onions / any and all vegetables whether raw, steamed or baked.

      The great thing about hummus is that it allows you to enjoy eating your vegetables.