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How to get pregnant with PCOS?

  1. urgency profile image61
    urgencyposted 9 months ago

    Hi, there. I’m 34 and I have a very tough PCOS. I’m very much overweight and my arms and legs are very hairy. I took some hormone medicines to get rid of extra hair, but I felt very bad when I took them. The same story was with metformin. I know that if I reduce some weight, it would be easier for me to get pregnant. Now, I’m trying to exercise regularly and keep to a healthy diet. I did reduce some weight, but my periods are still very irregular. Is there anybody here with PCOS? How did you actually manage to get pregnant?

    1. Kathryn L Hill profile image81
      Kathryn L Hillposted 9 months agoin reply to this

      Good grief. Eat better. Read my hub about food combining. Your intestines are all clogged up and therefore your reproductive organs are static as well. Read about the Macrobiotic way of eating. Get books by George Ohsawa, Naburo Muramoto, and Michio Kushi.
      In a nutshell:
      Eat grains and legumes
      Avoid industrialized food and drink
      Use only subtle spices
      Eliminate coffee
      Avoid vegetables and fruits out of season
      Eliminate potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant from your diet
      Avoid and drinking while you eat.

      There is a book called Zen Macrobiotic Cooking by Michel Abehsera which explains the ancient diet followed by Buddhist monks who lived long and healthy lives. This way of eating was introduced to the west by George Ohsawa in modern terms.

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      Lisy Margposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      I also had PCOS problem from my puberty. 80% of the women meet out with this problem. It is not a strange one. But it would definitely lead to many adverse issues like infertility, irregular menses or no menses, heavy bleeding. I had heavy bleeding for more than one year and I turned absolutely weak. When I consulted my OBG she advised me for Ultrasound abdominal scan. The result showed that I had a cluster of cysts in my ovaries. It happened when I was 18. Now am 40. After the diagnosis, I was put on some contraceptive pills to stop my heavy bleeding. I was on the medication for 3 months. Sadly, even after my marriage, it was continued.

      After my marriage, I had postponed my pregnancy for 7 months. But luckily I got conceived by 10th month after 3 months free try. During the time I did not take any hormone medicines. I had free sex and got conceived, delivered my baby in C cut. Now she is 9 years old hale and healthy. When I went with PCOS, the doctor was surprised about my conception. She boldly told that I had only remote chances of conception. But it happened naturally. This is my story. My advice to you is, first stop using hormone tablets for your hair growth problem. PCOS causes only due to the hormonal imbalance. If you again on the tablets, the problem will be doubled. Weight reduction is generally good. Please take a concern to see an OBG for your irregular periods which is the key reason for infertility. We shall discuss later, after your consultation.

      Good luck!!!

  2. currant profile image60
    currantposted 9 months ago

    Hi, OP! I was also diagnosed with PCOS and managed to conceive only after I have reduced some weight. I also have a close friend. She managed to conceive after an ovarian drilling. This surgery seems to be quite effective and loads of ladies manage to conceive after it. You can check some details at your gyny. Good luck at your pregnancy journey!

  3. SunButterfly profile image59
    SunButterflyposted 8 months ago

    I think all depends on how tough your PCOS is. There are quite a lot of PCOS ladies who do manage to conceive after losing some weight. As fas I know, some ladies took metformin and it helped them to conceive. I’ve experienced ovarian drilling and took metformin for nearly half a year. It helped me to reduce some weight and I started to have more regular periods. However, I didn’t manage to conceive. I had one IVF with my own eggs and two attempts with DE IVF. I managed to conceive only after the second shot.

  4. urgency profile image61
    urgencyposted 8 months ago

    Hi, everyone. Thanks for your clues and tips. They are really very helpful ones!!! Frankly speaking, I don’t know what to do further. I’ve also heard about loads of successful stories where PCOS ladies did managed to conceive, but it isn’t about me. I feel a little bit sad because of this. I think my DH and I would try to ttc naturally for some time. If we don’t succeed, we would try some fertility treatments. SunButterfly, your story sounds quite impressive. Could you please share the way you’ve chosen a fertility clinic.
    P.S. I have a close friend. She had another health issue and her doc said that DE IVF would be her only chance to conceive. Now, she is looking for an appropriate clinic… She says that there are quite a lot fertility clinics that are ready to help help so it’s difficult to make a decision. Could you please share your experience here? I think it will be really helpful to her.

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    kellyksposted 8 months ago

    hi my dear fellow passenger, I used the word passenger as both of us are sailing in the same boat. PCOS is a medical condition which you cannot get rid of. So you need to craft your lifestyle around it and make yourself comfortable with it. Firstly you need to accept this condition and only then you can go towards healing your life and body. Also it is good that you have started working out and following good diet. Along with these things you can also use apple cider vinegar which will balance your hormones. Try having a lot of green tea and green coffee and stay away from tea coffee and any other aerated drinks or alcohol. Have protein and fiber rich foods and try to cut down on useless carbs like junk food. Have raw cacao as I had it when I had PCOS and trust me it gave me a lot of relief. try doing low intensity exercises like walk and yoga and all as they will help you more. No doubt losing weight will help you get pregnant but also do consult your doctor in case he/she can give you some diet chart. You can also plan your pregnancy with the help of guidance from others.  I was also diagnosed with PCOS 3 weeks back and I have been feeling very low and depressed since then. Though my family and my husband are very supportive but still I am getting involved in lot of fights and that too over silly things. IVF is one option that people generally choose in case the other ways fail. But don’t forget that where there is a will there is a way. I am sure you will heal yourself soon and be pregnant.