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How do you get your 2 years old child to eat

  1. gabriella05 profile image52
    gabriella05posted 10 years ago

    Please can some one help? my little girl want eat no thing I am going crazy

  2. profile image43
    momsnagpadposted 10 years ago

    Hi Gabby,

    When you say your child won't eat, does she actually eat nothing, or is she just a picky eater who turns her nose up at most of the stuff you put in front of her?  If she is truly not eating, she needs to see her pediatrician, who can see if there's something physically wrong, and if she's eating nothing, I suspect there is.  If she'd just a picky eater and will only eat a few things,  I wouldn't worry too much right now.  Toddlers have very small stomachs and survive quite well on several small meals or snacks a day.  Their stomachs are only the size of a fist.  When she does eat, just make sure she's eating something nutritious, like fruit, cheese, vegetables or peanut butter, which is full of protein.  Unless there is something physically or psychologically wrong, children will not starve themselves.

  3. gabriella05 profile image52
    gabriella05posted 10 years ago

    Thank you momsnagpad
    She's not eating at all she's just drinking water and milk.  Usualy she's a good eater I will take your advice and call her doctor in the morning, at list my mind will be at rest.

    Thank you very much for that

  4. Rudra profile image74
    Rudraposted 10 years ago

    It has happened to my toddler (2.5 years). The doctor was a waste of time. After a few days it was back to normal. I hope it does for you. They are moody, difficult, they test you. keep your nerve...

  5. manoharv2001 profile image43
    manoharv2001posted 10 years ago

    Thanks for being my friend, May God Bless our Friendship. Take Care

  6. gabriella05 profile image52
    gabriella05posted 10 years ago

    Hi Rudra
    My doctor he is like that the can't be bothered type but Gabriellas doctor he is good. She's got tonsilaters (I don't know how to speel that) that why she's not eating and no sleeping
    Thank you Rudra

  7. gabriella05 profile image52
    gabriella05posted 10 years ago

    God bless you to manoharv . Take care darling  smile