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What do you think about the health care reform?

  1. EZFITNESS profile image60
    EZFITNESSposted 8 years ago

    What do you think about the health  care reform?

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    beachwalker39posted 8 years ago

    Sorry to be so late in answering your question - just found HUB.  I, for one, am not insured under "normal" insurance programs.  A retiree, I am insured through Medicare and do not carry any supplements at all.  I "self-insure" which means that when I get a medical bill I pay it out of my own pocket.  I may not pay the entire bill at once instead I pay what I can afford each month.  Currently, I am paying approximately $300 a month on a number of different medical bills.  This is far less than what a policy would cost.  If I was insured, I would have a deductible to meet, would have a co-insurance amount to pay and would also have to pay monthly premiums - in the long run - self-insurance is a much better way to go.

    Employers would also be better off if they self-insured rather than paying expensive premiums for their employees for insurance that probably doesn't even fit their employees' medical needs.  If employers understood the benefits of self insurance, they would also understand that there are more tax incentives for them under self-insured vs insured plans.

    I have been a benefits professional for years.  In all my experience, I have found that most people do not understand how their insurance works, just what benefits they have.  Even under Medicare, many people do not understand that they are covered for preventive care - the most important care a person can get. 

    To get back to your questions - what do I think of health care reform?  I think we should focus more on health care education and teach people how to maximize the benefits they have and how to best use and not abuse the medical system. 

    Be careful what you ask for - because you just may get it.  I don't believe that health care run by the government is the way to go.

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    smilefreelyposted 8 years ago

    I think it is nice that the government wants to do something but, as far as what has been proposed.  I think it is awful.  I think the government and everyone else involved has taken it to the limit.  Let's face it many years ago all we had were regular physician's and they could fix things like broken arms and legs. Now a days you have to go to an orthopedic surgeon to get help.  I think that is out of hand.  I believe the drugs have gotten out of hand.  If a doctor writes a prescription that he deals with a pharmacuetical company he gets a kick back every time that script is filled.  I think if these things were able to be controlled some what better.  Some of the problems that the American people have could be eliminated.  As far as insurance companies go the fact that they make people pay a higher price just because, of their illness is terrible.  What is even worse if you are a diabetic it is even worse to find an insurance company that will not cost you an arm and a leg.  This forces people to go another route which is discount companies which some want astronomical amounts and will only cover you for 12 months.  Believe me I am one of these people.  I did find a solution though and I am an independent contractor for the company because it can save me more money and it is at a very low cost for me to have all the Dental and Medical care that I need and I only pay when I use it.  With a very low monthly fee.  If I can help anyone please contact me.

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    THEOBSERVERposted 7 years ago

    There are many good components of the bill. Just like any other piece of legislation that is passed there are several components that have to be removed and changed. The good points have never been clearly stressed and every time one tries to do so they are drowned out by the anti-Obama rhetoric.
    I do not support many of Obama's policies but the facts have to be looked at before one jumps on that tow the line band wagon!