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Living with Fibromyalgia

  1. robertsloan2 profile image91
    robertsloan2posted 8 years ago

    Living with Fibromyalgia

    I think you have several good topics just based on your first Hub. One would be how you manage Activities of Daily Living. Another would be Coping with Grief about Chronic Disease -- that is a very real grief. All my life I believed every one of my disabilities was curable, that if I had enough money I'd get my back straightened and my leg lengthened and work out and become a strong normal healthy man -- only to find out that isn't ever going to be possible.

    If you have  been to a pain clinic, one about finding a pain clinic and how to deal with doctors would be another good topic.

  2. smilefreely profile image59
    smilefreelyposted 8 years ago

    Yeah, well living with Fibromyalgia is not fun.  I exercise the area quite a bit.  Fibromyalgia is formed from doing repetive work. Heat and ice are good for it.  If you can afford it going to a good massage therapist is another way to relieve the pain.  I know that I go about every six months just for a very deep massage tissue massage.  It hurts but, they put ice on me when finished and then I use it when I go home to and the next day I feel better.

  3. DreamsInBloom profile image78
    DreamsInBloomposted 8 years ago

    Fibromyalgia has many "causes."  Some get it after having had mono, or after being in an accident, giving birth, and so on.

    I have CFS, which is closely related--if not the same as--fibromyalgia (depending on who you talk to).  I have found the number one thing that helps me manage the fatigue and pain is better nutrition...including eating better, avoiding refined sugar, and taking excellent nutritional supplements.  Many with CFS/Fibro are deficient in many nutrients.  Magnesium supplements have been especially helpful to me.  The latest thing I have tried is getting nutritional iv drips...the results have been amazing. The only problem with that one has been finding the money to pay for it.

  4. Spiffygal101 profile image60
    Spiffygal101posted 8 years ago

    For me, living with FMS is an everyday challenge.  My favorite saying is  "Life is like being in the Navy.  Everyday is a new adventure..." meaning you never know which parts of you are going to work.  Hopefully, it's all the necessary ones, like breathing, walking, energy and of course thinking...

    I guess the best way to put it is, I try to keep a sense of humor, although sometimes it does get difficult.  Patience is always at a premium.  Mainly it's knowing your limitations and being honest enough with yourself and others to just say NO when you know you should.  Otherwise, tomorrow will be "payback to the max".  Believe me, been there, done that....It takes a lot of self talk and honesty to deal with this stuff...but you never give up...you just keep up keeping up and that's the way it is...It ain't purty, but it's the life of an FMS'er.

  5. everyday stuff profile image59
    everyday stuffposted 8 years ago

    I just finished how 1 day having fm is, I thought about writing about how i was affeced by growing up with a mother who i, & most others thought she just wanted attention, then, when it really happened to me, THE VERY 1ST THING I DID WAS GO TO MY MOM, SOBBING, BEGGING FOR HER TO FORGIVE ME FOR NOT BELIEVING & TELLING HER I UNDERSTOOD NOW!!!  THAT'S ONE FROM MY HEART, I FINALLY FELT HOW REAL MY MOTHERS PAIN WAS & HOW FOR YEARS I WAS MEAN, AND DISSRESPECTING  TO HER AND I WAS SINCERELY SORRY!!!!
    Ok, went a little far there....it's just something i wander about, if maybe the shoe was on the other foot!  I dunno, sorry,  I JUST HAVE HUB IDEAS AND WONDER IF THEY'D BE HELPFUL FOR SOMEONE, IF NOTHING BUT KNOWING THAT YOU'RE NOT ALONE WITH THIS.


  6. meeklo12345 profile image49
    meeklo12345posted 8 years ago

    hello all. I have a dear friend of mind with Fibromyalgia & what really helps her is smoking mid-grade marijuanna.  I've wittnessed this first hand many many times. She'd rather light a joint than swallow a pill.  Theres many pros to this alternative opposed to becoming opoid dependent.

  7. steelbone profile image44
    steelboneposted 7 years ago

    Have you been tested by a real lyme disease lab?
    Like one of the labs listed here

    Do you have these symptoms by chance
    http://www.lymediseaseanswers.com/lyme- … -symptoms/

    I have read a few times that there are more and more dr's starting to think that Fibro is nothing mire then some type of infections. Not saying it has to be lyme could be a different infection

    Just something to think about

    Good luck