What are h1n1 vaccine risks?

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    HubPagesposted 8 years ago

    What are h1n1 vaccine risks?

    Should children, pregnant women and old people get the h1n1 vaccine?

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    SimeyCposted 8 years ago

    I wrote a hub on the risks of the vaccine. My advice is to talk to a doctor - for one, they'll have the latest information, and secondly they know any problems that might relate to you directly...


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    Jemilla R-Cposted 8 years ago

    Strains of this vaccine have been bio-engineered by the genetic
    engineering industry, namely Novartis and Aventis, in collaboration with governments and military organisations in the USA and involving GB and France. The corporations producing the majority of these vaccines are Glaxo Smith Kline and Baxter. Both have already been implicated in producing dangerous vaccinations (such as Tamiflu) that have been the cause of serious sickness, various side effects and even death to those treated with them.

    There is no evidence that flu vaccine are either effective or safe. The
    production of the H1N1 vaccination was ordered at least a year before
    the first 'swine flu' incidences were reported and the US Secretary of
    Health has granted the companies producing them complete immunity from any lawsuits that may result.

    There is also a 'live attenuated viral vaccine' that has been produced
    by Astra Zenecca - another biotech corporation - which is applied as a
    nasal spray. In clinical trials, it is reported that this vaccine more than
    doubled the severe adverse effects in children of less than 2 years in
    comparison with the inactivated vaccine.

    A further element concerns the 'adjuvant' which is added to the vaccine
    toensure its effectiveness.

    In this case there are 2 highly risky elements involved: mercury
    (ethyl-mercury) and Squalene, an immune system stimulant. There are
    other suspect ingredients besides these, such as aluminium.

    Please read Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Professor Joe Cummins of the Institute of Science in Society (Google this) concerning this subject. Also visit (Google) Jane Burgermeister's site (an Austrian medical journalist who has started international litigation against all the main players) for a
    powerful expose of the bigger picture and her remarkable response.

    We see a cross connection between biotech corporate attempts to control
    thefood chain and their development of these vaccines. You must work this out for yourselves; but it goes without saying that the same level of
    resistance needs to be shown to both. They are both illegal operations and any attempt to force them on citizens contravenes international human rights protocols and basic civil liberties.