My nephew has cancer in his head..not sure if it's on the brain

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    God healsposted 8 years ago

    My nephew has cancer in his head..not sure if it's on the brain

    My nephew had a bump on his head and after a couple of months is swelled up.Also the side of his face swelled up and he's been taking motrin.He went to the ER about 4 times with bleeding from ears,mouth,nose and eyes.They say cancer with possible tumor.He has lost about 50 lbs.He's always craved sweets.I made up the tincture for him but i took the seeds out,will it still work?They want him to start chemo next week.I hope he doesn't do that.Can you tell me what should he start with?I also had him doing a little bit of baking soda and water to try and alkalize him.Thankyou Darnice

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    Etherealenigmaposted 8 years ago

    Please, please, please contact me! I have important information about a natural immune system builder that will cause the body to fight off the cancer. If utilized correctly, he can fully recover in about 3-4 months without surgery. Look at this video then contact me for more info: People are getting healed and I can help. Go to and contact me. Peace and blessings.

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    harrybaguio@hotmaposted 7 years ago

    Why baking soda and water? If you want to alkalize him, make him freshly made vegetable juices. Not only is it going to alkalize him it will also boost him immune system to fight off the tumor.

    How do i know? about 10 years ago, i had a brain tumor. What cured me was a cocktail of vegetable juices. No surgerys or nothing. Just a cocktail of freshly made vege juices 3 times a day.