Can one still be healthy internally if taking xanax,along with extraordinary die

  1. Greenjuice profile image49
    Greenjuiceposted 8 years ago

    Can one still be healthy internally if taking xanax,along with extraordinary diet and exercise?

    I am a health freak. I Spark my calories and maintain my body figure with yoga and gym 4x a week, drinking a lot of water and eating only white meats and vitamins and herbs.
    Supper: Protien/probiotic/eggwhite smoothie.
    Lunch: Chicken breasts with olive oil
    Breakfast: Oatmeal
    Midlunch: Turkey and whole grain bagel

    However, I'm prescribed adderall and take xanax in the evening and sometimes through the day. I look and feel great, but do I have any problems with me internally do you think?

  2. itakins profile image86
    itakinsposted 8 years ago

    You don't explain why you are on adderall-do you have ADHD?
    As you are aware ,this is a highly addictive amphetamine-perhaps a factor in your overly strenuous exercise routine.

    Xanax is also very addictive-in fact a person is usually addicted within eight weeks of taking it;it has many many side -effects-too many to enumerate here.
    You say you are a health freak!Discuss this with your doctor -he /she knows your history.
    I suspect you are on xanax to counteract the stimulating effects of adderall-but xanax can also have a stimulating effect and is not ideal if there is a history of bi-polar disorder.
    Xanax can seriously mess up your body and mind!

    You really need to talk to a doctor asap.

    On the face of it a more balanced approach ,I think, would be healthier-fewer drugs -less exercise.

    Both of these drugs require a weaning off period,which must be managed in conjunction with a health professional.