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What are the dangers that go along with taking a vacation in Mexico?

  1. Sadie14 profile image90
    Sadie14posted 6 years ago

    What are the dangers that go along with taking a vacation in Mexico?

    I have heard that it is dangerous to take a vacation in Mexico so what should I watch out for? Are there any completely safe places to visit in Mexico?

  2. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 6 years ago

    The dangers? Like taking a vacation in the states is a question of where. I live in San Diego area and that is a daily topic in the media here. Take this advice with a gran of salt. The farther away from the border the better. A generalized statement would be the border is where the crime is, since the market is the U.S.

    Tourism has crime no matter where you go. Those precautions would be the same as anywhere. Keep in mind the college / university crowds at spring break etc. No worse than the Bahamas or even Florida.

    Simone did a great video hub on visiting one of the Mexico pyramids. I am sure there are many hubbers who have been in the central part of Mexico or farther south. The executives at work go to Mexico with there families all the time. We have company management functions in Baja Mexico frequently.

    Oh yeah, Montezuma's revenge is from the water. We have that here in the states too. smile

  3. mio cid profile image49
    mio cidposted 6 years ago

    being kidnapped,having to bribe police officers for no reason ,being mugged,  or hurt if any act of violence with unusual amount of gunfire flying all over the place breaks out.yes there are completely safe places, inside the hotel you are staying.

  4. Kalmiya profile image81
    Kalmiyaposted 6 years ago

    I've been to Mexico City, Tampico, Cancun, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.  I've had very few problems and the one I did have was while driving during the day; we were speeding a little over the limit.

    The main dangers are not to drive at night. There are unscrupulous people out there who prey on unwary tourists. Don't speed, ever. If you're caught, just pay the bribe or 'mordida'.  As well, the roads are bad and in some places full of huge pot holes. And sometimes animals cross the road at night.

    Next, do not get involved with any Mexican person that you feel might not be trustworthy and don't buy drugs. It's possible to be caught in drug gang problems. Sometimes, one can be in the wrong place at the wrong time but that can happen anywhere. I think, even though Cancun is known as a major drug route, it is very safe because everyone wants to protect the booming tourist trade there.  Puerto Vallarta is overrun with time share salespeople and beach vendors so mostly just irritating.

    Otherwise, we saw signs for crocodiles along the Blvd. Kulkulcan in Cancun but never saw any actual crocs. If you have a sensitive stomach, be careful of street food but I eat tacos and tamales whenever I go and am never sick. If you're worried, take out travel insurance before you go.  I may be lucky in that Mexico really agrees with me!

    I wrote a hub about safe travel in Manzanillo, a sleepy town south of Puerto Vallarta, which I consider to be very safe as the Mexican navy is headquartered there and the state of Colima has very low crime. If you want to try a first visit, Manzanillo might be a good bet.