Where can I purchase the stun gun?

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    pturnerposted 8 years ago

    Where can I purchase the stun gun?

    the modified one for recluse bites

  2. frogyfish profile image78
    frogyfishposted 8 years ago

    pturner, I am assuming that they may be either still purchased at two places locally, or that information about that may be referred from the places mentioned in the article. 
    The Full Circle Clinic in OKC area has/had them and they may be found at www.starrwalker.com where phone numbers are available for contact. 
    The farmer-maker in southwest Oklahoma is the original local inventor but I do not have any contact information on that one.

    Remember that I used an Electreat on the bites I treated, and whether it is as strong as the modified machine, I do not know.  They would probably be cheaper than the Circle Clinic and would be found on eBay, with results apparently sufficient to work well.  Good luck, and best wishes!