disproportionately elevated anxiety

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    thampan97184posted 8 years ago

    disproportionately elevated anxiety

    extremely feels scared while travelling in aircraft or in a speedy train bus etc.

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    sophiamartinposted 8 years ago

    This is a phobia.
    You have a lot of options. 1) You can see a therapist. Some specialize in treating phobias. However, you may find seeing a therapist for general reasons helpful. If you are interested in therapy, I strongly recommend that you seek out a therapist who has a cognitive behavioral (CBT) approach. When you call a therapist's office, they should be able and willing to tell you their school of psychology, which is another way of saying what their approach is. CBT is based on research and if you do the work it entails, it is very effective.
    2) You can see a hypnotist. Hypnotists can help with phobias.
    3) You can see a doctor, who may prescribe anti-anxiety medication. If you choose this option, please be sure to ask what all the possible side-effects are. I took medication without knowing the side-effects, and some of them were severe.
    In any case, what I hope you will not choose as your solution is simple avoidance. It may seem like the easiest option, to avoid taking fast transportation, but that limits your freedom. It will become harder and harder to have a normal life. If you indulge your phobia, it may spread to include other, more essential areas of your life (like driving in a car). Take steps to rid yourself of this ball and chain.