I made a hub about why there are so much fat Americans. Got some more informatio

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  1. P. Kaevas profile image62
    P. Kaevasposted 8 years ago

    I made a hub about why there are so much fat Americans. Got some more information for my hub?

  2. jenniferhughs profile image60
    jenniferhughsposted 8 years ago

    No doubt the majority of Americans are overweight because of poor dieting choices.  Our foods are loaded with preservatives and are overprocessed.  White flour, pasta, bread and rice are all unhealthy.  Add that to the fast food chains and oversized portions (think Big Gulp sodas) and we are a bunch of fatties. 

    See my numerous Hubs on dieting tips for weight loss and colon health for more information.

  3. Carmen_Sandiego profile image74
    Carmen_Sandiegoposted 8 years ago

    I have been to over 16 countries, where most of our ancestors have come from, and I will tell you.... it's not genetic!

    Americans are overweight because (in addition to what jenniferhughs said), our farmers pump the meat we eat and the milk we drink with growth hormones and steriods.  This is illegal in most of our sister nations (i.e. the UK, Australia, and New Zealand).  When writing your article, look at a study done comparing Asian women to American-asian women.  Asians don't drink cow's milk, they drink soy.  While American-Asian women drink cow's milk.  The difference is, the American women are developing large breasts at young ages (10-14), while the Asian girls look normal for their ages.

  4. MikeNV profile image78
    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    The Government subsidizes Corporate Food companies to keep certain foods cheap.

    If you look at what foods are readily available and cheap you'll find it is not produce... it's the foods that are high in saturated fat and refined sugars.

    So the problem is widespread and complex.  Availiblity of healthy foods is part of the problem.  Lack of education is an even bigger problem.

    Reliance on technology is another problem. In the 1800's more than half the people worked in agriculture.  Today people sit in offices all day.  Drive to and from.  Come home and watch television.

    But the bottom line is people are fat because they consume more calories than they burn.


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