yes it would be nice to know how to ....start on figureing out how to stop the a

  1. Justine T profile image53
    Justine Tposted 8 years ago

    yes it would be nice to know how to ....start on figureing out how to stop the addictions

    because it just causes lots of problems all around an mabby i could spred the infermation i have a hubb on how it real the affects are on a real person like myself

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    MissJamieDposted 6 years ago

    You're so right, these issues face poor, innocent children every day. It's a sad, startling fact. I thought I could break the cycle in my family but made one horrible decision: I wanted out of my house so bad that I took the first opportunity I could to get married and get away from my childhood. Sadly, i didn't realize that I had already been programmed to follow the same patterns, although I do have to say I'm a better mom than mine was, I only knew what was shown to me! So the worst decision was the marriage because I know I would've never made some of the parenting decisions if I hadn't been with him. I was so adamant to get out that I lost my focus on my future and absolutely threw it all away! I've let a man control me and make choices for me that I never would've therefore I'm in a vicious cycle of guilt and pain that my children have witnessed because of his addictions and abusive's the worst thing for a mother to realize she's hurt her children, although unintentionally. Come message me anytime if u need to talk;) good luck sweetie and great job fulfilling one of your dreams right now, writing;) hugs