How many 27 year old women are depressed like me when in all reality you shouldn

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    Megan Kakeposted 8 years ago

    How many 27 year old women are depressed like me when in all reality you shouldnt be.

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    BD19posted 8 years ago

    About 25% of young women suffer depression by the time they are 25 to 28, but very few seek help. This is often due to not understanding depression and being worried about what their friends might think. We all feel sad and depressed from time to time. This is normal. In a normal day people can go through a range of emotions. However, having feelings sad and depressive thoughts for a long time is different.

    If you feel so depressed that you want to harm yourself, it's important to talk to a psychologist or someone you trust, or speak to a health care professional. (Contact your doctor, local hospital or 24 hour emergency number).

    WHAT NOT TO DO: Some people use alcohol or other drugs to block out the depression. These don't make things better, and can have very bad side effects. It is wise to know the root cause of depression. Different people have different cause. The following are some uncommon causes which has observed in some specific group of people. Some one may be depressed due to sleep apnea,
    [ ] or chronic pain, [ ] or from inactive thyroid gland, [ ],  or from autism, [ ],  or from life long sinus problem, [ ],  or from obscessive compulsive disorder,
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