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Do u Really believe POSSIBLE to write QUALITY hubs on Health in Contests Rules/t

  1. privateye2500 profile image42
    privateye2500posted 8 years ago

    Do u Really believe POSSIBLE to write QUALITY hubs on Health in Contests Rules/timeframe !?

    I do not believe it is possible to write 3 hubs a day on a topic most people probably know Nothing about - why Would they?-  (random health questions) of any QUALITY.  What is it with these *contests*?  Traffic?
    I would Love to see a Reasonable contest with Reasonable rules - not speed writing!!

  2. Aya Katz profile image83
    Aya Katzposted 8 years ago

    I agree that it seems unlikely that any quality hubs can be generated this way. Possibly if someone has stockpiled quality articles on every conceivable health issue, then a person like that could win the contest. But even so, why would they want to waste quality material on that?

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image84
    Uninvited Writerposted 8 years ago

    You don't have to write 3 hubs a day, you can write up to 3 articles a day. It is possible to write one a day.

  4. EFPotter profile image59
    EFPotterposted 8 years ago

    Three is the maximum, not the required. You may submit only UP TO three hubs a day. The rules are pretty clear on this. Take a breath, and maybe read them again? smile

    Also, a lot of these topics contain very common-knowledge things that many people know at least one thing about. One thing is all it takes to write a hub for a category in. You don't have to give all the details and the history of the day's topic in your hub--that isn't really the point. It's to break that topic down into different parts, and explain those parts as well as you can.

  5. nochance profile image93
    nochanceposted 8 years ago

    The point is to look at the topic each day and ask yourself "Do I know anything about this?" If you do, write a hub on it. You have the option to write between 1-3 hubs on the topic, not more than that.

    Some people do happen to know random health stuff. I looked through the list and saw that I knew things about maybe 5 of the topics and with a little research I would know about a few more of them. I plan on just writing what I know about. No one says you have to participate in it.

    This contest is a way to push your knowledge. Some people need a challenge to help them find things to write about, I know I do. It's easier to write about a specific topic than to have someone tell you to just write.

  6. Mr Nice profile image82
    Mr Niceposted 8 years ago

    Off course, it is possible for a person to write quality hubs if the person has the knowledge about the health topic in question.
    I guess it is not for a person who has no knowledge but want to write a hub only to participate in the contest.
    In that case, this person is totally relying on the information available on the web but no personal contribution.

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