Respected Sir, My friend's wife aged 31 is diagnosed as suffer

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    ttthakurtposted 8 years ago

    Respected Sir,

                     My friend's wife aged 31 is diagnosed as suffering from Acute...

    Myeloid Leukemia in short called as AML MO1, a type of blood cancer.
                     She is on chemotherapy since about two months now.
                     The count of her blood plathelets is at lower level than normal. She has been given infusion of blood plathelets too.
                     It all started with persistent high fever , for which complete blood count was done, and low blood plathelets were discovered.
                     Sir, Kindly suggest the cure for her , I mean what she should consume like, pepper, ginger, garlic etc.
                      Awaiting for your kind guidance.

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    Andrew Gubbposted 7 years ago

    the raw food diet can cure her. as a short term cure, you may want to go on a fast. chemotherapy is likely to cause more damage than good, unfortunately.

    Good luck.