What is your rating on Sam-E ?

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    RGMarksJrposted 7 years ago

    What is your rating on Sam-E ?

    Used it 20 years ago and it worked great. Time has changed knowledge of the body and what works to make us healthier.

  2. Stephen Patrick profile image55
    Stephen Patrickposted 7 years ago

    Fantastic product. I know a doctor in NY who was prescribing it to his patients who had failed on every other course of action and drug therapy for their depression. There must be a link between the liver and our minds. SAMe does wonders to the liver, quickly and effectively detoxifying it and the effect on the mind can be almost euphoric. SAMe really can lift you if you are in the blues. I have used it on and off for years but only when I felt my liver needed a helping hand or I had the winter blues. Every time it has worked for me and therefore in my top 10 products for well being and anti-aging.

    As I understand it the enteric coated tablets are best and 400mg - 1000mg a day seems to do the trick.

    I get it on the net, if you want to know where, just ask.