Allergic rhinitis - every day I sneeze. Any cures out there?

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    joolsndesiposted 8 years ago

    Allergic rhinitis - every day I sneeze.  Any cures out there?

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    snakebabyposted 8 years ago

    Hi there: I used to have severe seasonal allergy that came down to me 3 and half years after I landed in the US. It became all year long allergy after all. There was no cure until I got some tips from a friend:

    1. Ask your doctor for Flonase spray. This thing works like a wonder to me.
    2. Put on a veil when you are out if you don't mind getting the "attention"

    By doing the above two, plus always try to stay inside with windows closed, I'm positive you can say "bye bye" to allergy.

    One more thing, whether or not everyone else believes, taking highest quality supplement would also help allergy in a great extent. Though everyone is different, it simply helps!