i have guttate psoriasis i think its due to a reaction from progestrone

  1. brooke84 profile image54
    brooke84posted 8 years ago

    i have guttate psoriasis i think its due to a reaction from progestrone

    I have had psoriasis for about 9years, just realised i think i may have some reaction to progestone cause ever since i have been on the pill then depo is when i got psoriasis, and i was told when i was pregnant with my first child that my skin problem would clear up but no it got worse. then after birth before going back on the depo it starts to clear up my doctor said he has never heard of it but anything is possible. I have know been off my depo needle for a month and my psoriasis has nearly all cleared. Any one got any advise. thanks

  2. She-rah profile image74
    She-rahposted 8 years ago

    Flagging you down, lol!!! Yes, it does exist, I suffer from the worst form and my allergy/ autoimmunity is life threatening. Not sure if you read all of my hubs on this condition but I had to develop my own all natural treatment and have been in remission for almost 6 months. You not only can become allergic to birth control containing Progesterone but you can also become allergic to your own progesterone produced by your ovaries every month beginning 3-10 days before your period. Symptoms lessen and begin to subside with in a day or 2 after starting. It was first discovered in 1921, there are about 50 documented, diagnosed cases of the allergy and I am the 10th diagnosis since 1921 with the most severe form. I wrote my hubs and started my own website for awareness of APD/ AIPA to help other women. Doctors do not know it exists and if you rely on them, you won't get diagnosed. TRUST ME!!!! It took me 24yrs to get diagnosis and I had to demand the specific tests. Most doctors have never heard of it, but it's not as rare as they think. I get emails almost everyday from other women with the milder forms of Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis that affect their skin. My specific condition was causing organ failure and seizures from anaphylactic shock, along with the skin manifestations. Most of my story is here on HP and my website is www.awarenessforaipa.com (it's still in the works). I had such a large response to my hubs that I decided to market my treatment that is an estriol cream you apply to your skin to build up tolerance to your Progesterone. It's what has enabled me to avoid severe reactions to my progesterone. It is working for me but that doesn't guarantee it will work for everyone because we're all different. I also got much worse during pregnancy but went into remission at about 4 months when my body built up a tolerance to the increase in my hormone levels. The cream I use works just like allergy shots for me and synthetic estrogen treatments have been used by doctors to treat the condition in the past with some success. I can not use synthetic/prescription hormones so I was forced to develop my own all natural estrogen (estriol) treatment. It is a safe, natural, organic,  and beneficial form of estrogen, the one doctors prescribe is synthetic, altered, and comes from horse urine. Please contact me for more info!

  3. profile image51
    redacticposted 8 years ago

    I had a shot of espresso sweetened with Equal. I did not even think about the Equal as a possible allergen. In fact, ... appearing as small, itchy, red dots, after a strep infection.


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