why am i bleeding mid-cycle?

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    brittmattpaddywakposted 7 years ago

    why am i bleeding mid-cycle?

    the first day of my last period was march 28th. april 12-15th i experienced light spotting. could this be implantation bleeding so early? how soon could a get a positive pregnancy test result? is there any other reason i might bleed mid-cycle like this?

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    ImperialPCsposted 7 years ago

    If you are worried that you are pregnant, talk to your personal physician.  They can do a blood test that will be accurate within a few days of implantation.  You can also do an OTC urine screening right now, and 1 week from now.  If both come back negative, then there is little chance that you are pregnant.  You failed to mention your age.  If you are under 20, there's a chance that your cycle is still stabilizing.  Have you recently started or stopped using birth control?  This could also affect your cycle.  A large amount of stress can also affect early bleeding.  If the bleeding persists for longer than a normal cycle, I'd recommend mentioning it to your OB/GYN or your family physician.  If you start experiencing any sharp cramps that would be out of the ordinary for a normal cycle, then I would also recommend medical attention.