Bee, Your story is inspirational - I've taken your advice but was wondering wh

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    karendesparateposted 7 years ago


    Your story is inspirational - I've taken your advice but  was wondering which Chinese...

    herbs you took in addition to DHEA? Kai looks wonderful, congratulations.

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    Bee Eriksonposted 7 years ago

    hi Karen

    Gosh - don't give up. I was desperate too!
    I took Anus Castus - chaste berry extract, which is supposed to lower fsh levels and I took some herbs the Chinese acupuncturist gave me to "unblock my liver chi", which was apparently affecting my fertility. He gave me tablets, which is much easier as I had been to another guy before for something else and he gave me roots and leaves etc to boil up and then drink - 3 months supply, and I couldn't even take the taste for one day!
    Try and find a Chinese acupuncturist who knows about fertility - which most do as it is a common problem.
    The Centre for human reproduction also do a lot of Chinese herbs along with DHEA and acupuncture and I got very inspired by watching videos and reading articles relating to them and I did 2 email consultations with them - free, but didn't go for the proper consultation which costs a small fortune, but I was considering it.
    I definately would get onto DHEA asap! If anything, I believe that was the thing that worked miracles. I also used Pregnelonone with the DHEA, but not sure if that is absolutely necessary.
    I also used the Progesterone cream, but you really need to read up about that as you have to be very careful when you use it in your cycle.
    Reflexology also helps, but make sure the person who does it knows what they are doing - where to rub and how hard. My husband rubbed my feet every evening! (Now he dosen't do it anymore!)
    Let me know if you need anything else.
    Best of luck  and just visualise yourself with your baby and it will happen.

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    karendesparateposted 7 years ago

    Thank you so much.  I think that I've messed up this cycle with the progesterone cream - I took it throughout my cycle I think that I should have stopped 28 to 14.  Does that sound right?   Sorry to ask.  Also, can I ask if you had a regular cycle with the DHEA? I missed a period this month but I think that it was because of the progesterone cream mess up.  I haven't tried Pregnelone but will look it up. How much Pregnelone did you use? Thank you again for getting back to me.  You have given me hope.

    PS sorry about the lack of foot rubbing... you'll have to try for number two!