High fever from detoxification diet? Or gluten sensitivity?

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    girly_girl09posted 7 years ago

    High fever from detoxification diet? Or gluten sensitivity?

    Last week, I went "cold turkey" and cut out all processed foods. Now, I am eating 90-95% organic. Overall, I've been feeling fantastic! But tonight, I got a headache and now have a fever of 101.1 . I went out to eat tonight and did have a small piece of white bread as an appetizer, everything else in the meal was "safe"...so I'm wondering if these symptoms came from the gluten or is it possible to get a fever from my body detoxing from junk food? I know a headache is definitely a detox symptom but couldn't find much about fevers and food detoxing. Any info is appreciated!

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    imagomundiposted 7 years ago

    Detoxification will weaken your body at first... I tried it before in quite extreme way (lime detox)..

    But usually, it only makes you feeling weak, not fever. Fever is a sign that there's battle between your body against virus/bacteria. You should check to your physician if the fever is still there for another 2 days.