Workable therapies or 'drugs' for hiv/aids

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    Otimusposted 7 years ago

    Workable therapies or 'drugs' for hiv/aids

    I saw one of your post and I am inquisitive to know what drugs you know about that would help an hiv/aids case. There are so many people professing so much out there that one doesnot know what to believe. Revealing any credible therapy/drug would be very appreciated.

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    pjk_artistposted 7 years ago

    Since I don't really know about drugs I won't make a hub to answer this question. Here's some advice however.
    The best course of action would be to constantly focus on pure healthiness and pretend you don't have this disease.  Any drug or treatment or doctor's visit you take only reinforces the suggestion you are sick. Read all about miraculous survivors. Avoid sad stories and stats.
    Now sometimes no amount of positive thinking can change the result of the momentum you have set up in a negative direction. Like jumping out of a plane and wishing for a parachute. Won't work.
    AIDS is a weird one. Focus on feeling healthy.  If you are feeling the happiness inside you as you do're doing it right.  You'll wake up one morning and find you are healthy.
    Let the sick man say "I AM Healthy!" and pick up his mat and walk.

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    annewhitefieldposted 7 years ago

    i m not really sure, but there arent any proven therapies for that ,are there? i think it can be prevented but not cured..

    well im not sure though..