i have diabetic since 4 years..(type 2)

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    mumtrajposted 7 years ago

    i have diabetic since 4 years..(type 2)

    i was not taken medicine proper and not care food also, i agree i am careless, because i was check with specialist doctor.. about my diabetic,doctor say i got this diabetic because of stress and tension thats goods because , nobody in my family have diabetic,even one person in my relative,i am 28 now, married almost 2 years,but still not get baby,few month ago i check my sugar level, its show very high even i am fasting that time,so doctor advice me to take metformin 500g 2x,i also take and now i control my food also, pls advice me.. i want to pregnat , and i want to know food for diabetic..

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    doc.helpposted 7 years ago

    no specific causal factor, but assoc with (cause n aggravation)--
    -certain heriditary aspect(genetic)
    -faulty diet

    being on the fatter side doesnt necessarily mean u r prone to get diabetes, n vice versa

    u needa combi of- exercise and good diet
    importantly try reduce ur stress levels.

    diet-- maintain a diet diary
    increase proteins-- take more fruits n vegetables, make sure they makeup a large part of ur food intake
    avoid sugary drinks, high carb eats
    dont binge
    u can eat ur normal diet, with some modifications

    most imp -- dont take stress
    it will inadvertently raise ur sugar levels, even if ur on medication

    join a gym/ walk fr half nhour a day

    buy a home glucose monitor-- atleast measure it once a day fr initial few weeks, till it stabilises

    hope this helps