1. stefanieb5125 profile image55
    stefanieb5125posted 8 years ago

    I noticed there are almost no posts that talk about lupus and none that say what lupus is. Considering the number of people in the world that have this disease (myself included) I find that hard to believe. My hubs will talk about various aspects of the disease. I'm new to hubpages and look forward to contributing some information that others might find useful. I posted my first hub today! It talks a little about the general concept of the disease. Feel free to visit. smile
    Until then who else out there has Lupus? How do you cope? Do you medicate or not? How has it changed you and your way of thinking? What do you struggle with? How can I help you as another Lupus patient? Comment back and let's chat. I'd love to learn about others and have some people who can relate.

  2. Davinagirl3 profile image61
    Davinagirl3posted 8 years ago

    I read your hub, and it is really good.  You obviously suffer alot.  I hope that you will have plenty of good days.  Keep expressing yourself in your hubs.  I will continue to read.  Welcome to HP.