Should adults be treated pharmalogically for ADD

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  1. ahostagesituation profile image77
    ahostagesituationposted 8 years ago

    So...I have ADD, not usually diagnosed in girls, and when I was a kid, the recommendation was medication. My mother put the immediate kabosh on that ---wasn't having it.  But now, as an adult I can choose to be treated. I'm tough on myself, and pretty high-functioning, but it would be great to live without some of the effects of ADD. Kinda don't like the idea of being a zombie with no creativity, and there's also the fact that, well, I have ADD, would I even remember to take the medication???  Any adults considering adderall for ADD? I really hate drugs.

    1. psycheskinner profile image82
      psycheskinnerposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I would suggest making an appointment with a specialist and discussing it.  Whether it is a good idea or not is a very individual thing.  I tried a few different ADD med as an adult but ended up not sticking with it as it didn;t seem to make much difference for me and there are some side effects.

  2. KCC Big Country profile image85
    KCC Big Countryposted 8 years ago

    My husband was diagnosed with ADD in his early 40s.  He is not a zombie, hasn't lost his creativity, etc.  He is for once, able to concentrate and form complete sentences.  He used to try to say too many things at once so that nothing came out whole.  His medicine is a wonderful thing.  I have written a hub about it.

  3. ahostagesituation profile image77
    ahostagesituationposted 8 years ago

    Thanks! pshycheskinner, I've made and canceled many appointments. I seem to want to have a decision before I go the office for some reason.  I must not want to, I guess.  EIther way.  KCC Big Country....I just looked through your hubs but you have A LOT of them...what's the name of the one about your husband? I had a guy friend with ADD not treated as a kid, but treated as an adult, seems to effect men pretty differently then women. Like depression, I've read all these things about depression with ADD males, and I don't have any issues with depression at all.  I'd really like to read your hub!

  4. lxxy profile image61
    lxxyposted 8 years ago

    I used to take meds for ADD, but when I was younger. Still have it, along with a few other things, but that's up for debate.

    Personally, I self medicate. I've had and tried different RXes, but could never do them without feeling a little "off," and not in a fun way.

    But that's just my experience--as KCC mentions, lots of people take medication for it, and most of the time there's little bad side affects.

    When I was on ritalin I had a miss dosage for a couple of weeks--I was, in fact, rather zombie-like. It wasn't depressing, just annoying.

    But I went to a time released version, and I self-regulated based on needs.

    I have no doubt that without ritalin, I wouldn't be half the sane I am today.

    1. ahostagesituation profile image77
      ahostagesituationposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Kinda like the self-medicate idea, but I think it will get vetoed by the people in my life.  Really interesting though, there are parts of it that I think are really cool.  Like the ability to think outside of the box-- Add-ers are like, "a box? there's a box? What box?" but there's some stuff I could definitely live without.  Cool response, thanks.

      1. lxxy profile image61
        lxxyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Hey, it's all good! Self medication for me can be as simple as writing, meditating, what-not-have you. Among other things. It's not really drinking, although I do consume an average amount (I think?) for my age.

        1. ahostagesituation profile image77
          ahostagesituationposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          Know what, Ixxy, I thought you meant you self-medicate with prescription drugs as you wanted...wasn't thinking of a street pharmacist--;-).  I guess I already self-medicate!  And drinking doesn't change my ADD symptoms at all. Just makes me tired.  Do you notice that a lot of people who write have some level of ADD. You take the good with the bad I guess.  I told my ADD friend, that he was way more good then bad, and that that was not emotion--it was math. :-).

          1. lxxy profile image61
            lxxyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

            Exactly. I don't self medicate with street stuff. I buy all my debauchery legally. wink For between 10-25$ a gram. wink

            But that's just already added to my "daily" routine. It keeps me levelled, but I don't *have* to do it everyday. It's just easier that way so I don't lose my tolerance and have it become more of an issue.

            1. mrpopo profile image72
              mrpopoposted 8 years agoin reply to this

              That does seem to be the best way to go about things. With moderation smile

  5. KCC Big Country profile image85
    KCC Big Countryposted 8 years ago

    The name of my hub on the subject is "Undiagnosed Adults with A.D.D."

    1. lxxy profile image61
      lxxyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Had trouble searching for it (ahh, shoulda copy+pasted) anyway, here's a more direct link.

      1. ahostagesituation profile image77
        ahostagesituationposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Just read it, and thought it was great.


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