how to get faster for football?

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    javedsi37posted 7 years ago

    how to get faster for football?

    im 6 feet tall 175 pounds i run a 40 in 5 seconds flat im in grade 10 and im playing running back and i have a month to condition how do i do this?

  2. dylanNZ profile image52
    dylanNZposted 7 years ago

    I read an article on wikipedia once about Polymetrics, which will probably help out a lot.

    Things like running with weights will help, running stairs and stuff.

    Also, get in touch with the coach. They want their players to be at their best, so he'll be glad you asked.

  3. Michael Adams1959 profile image65
    Michael Adams1959posted 7 years ago

    Herschel Walker had a brace and harness made by his dad in the junk yard his dad owned and filled it with tires and concrete blocks and ran through it pulling it behind him