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Michael Adams1959 profile image

Isaiah Michael (Michael Adams1959)

Joined 8 years ago from Wherever God leads us.. Last activity 6 days ago.




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Pastor Michael has been preaching throughout the Dayton, Ohio area for over the last decade. After four years of pulpit supply preaching Pastor Michael accepted the call to one of those churches he preached in. July 2, 2017 he was voted as South Fairborn Baptist Church's new pastor. The message has changed names but the meaning is the same. Instead of the message "Go Ye", it is now "the Outward Church".

Among the Outward ministries Michael and his wife Tammy operate are cross carries, community meals, National Day of Prayer, and Biblical counseling.

Pastor Michael also broadcasts Fireside Prayer every Saturday night through Facebook Live. This is an hour dedicated to Scriptures and prayer.

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