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how can i get rid of pimples naturally?

  1. blbhhdcn profile image60
    blbhhdcnposted 7 years ago

    how can i get rid of pimples naturally?

    Im very conscious when it ocmes to my face. It drives me crazy having tiny pimples anywhere on my face, I have it on my forehad, huh

  2. just mee profile image55
    just meeposted 7 years ago

    keep your face clean. dont use oliy products. and you should be fine.

  3. creation75 profile image57
    creation75posted 7 years ago

    One of the effective  to get rid of pimples fast is the use of garlic. To get the pimple fighting benefits of garlic, massage it on your face a few times a day for about a week. You will definitely get benefit.


  4. profile image0
    Deborah Sextonposted 7 years ago

    Acne is a medical condition and needs to be treated by a Physician.
    A doctor will give you something to clear it up fast.

    The longer a person waits the more scaring that can occur.
    I would not play around with it. The scaring can lead to disfigurement.

  5. Goodpal profile image91
    Goodpalposted 7 years ago

    Try these home tricks -- they work if you allow them to!

    1. Put few drops of lemon juice in a glass of water and drink. Do it 3-4 times a day.

    2. Eat more raw fruits and vegetable whatever you like. Eat plenty of salad and spinach (boiled or raw). Avoid fatty or oily food.

    3. Drink 2 glasses of luke-warm water immediately after you wake up in the morning.

    4. Stay away from constipation.

    You should see the difference within a month. Will be happy to hear from you after 4 weeks!

  6. profile image0
    attomosposted 7 years ago

    I use this http://attomos.tumblr.com/cure-pimples
    It's very work for me in just 3  - 5 days.