Is there any one out there that has been on Paxil and had a bad experience with

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    Morgannaaposted 7 years ago

    Is there any one out there that has been on Paxil and had a bad experience with it???

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    wychicposted 7 years ago

    Yes, I have...but then, it was before it was well-known that it shouldn't be given to teenagers, and I was 14. By that point I believe the FDA had already added the warning to their label, but I still believe my doctor was less-than-competent...and it didn't help that my mom took me to a general physician rather than a specialist, so he really didn't understand the drug he was giving. Long story short, within the space of about two weeks I'd gone into a pretty much out-of-control dysphoria, which included violent acting out and extreme emotions that ranged all over the spectrum. For some reason they didn't really seem to connect it with the drug, so I ended up in inpatient care at a state behavioral institute. Luckily the people there knew what they were doing, took me off Paxil immediately and faxed a reprimand to the doctor who'd prescribed it, and proceeded with a drug that was a much better fit and the correct doctors, therapists, etc. to help me with it. Thankfully I was on the Paxil less than a month, it still took a long time to recover and there is still some stigma attached to the inpatient care, but the reaction potentially put everyone around me at risk for the time I was on it and the outcome could have been much worse if swift action hadn't been taken.