tell me about your self question in a counseling perspective

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    nancy cohensposted 7 years ago

    tell me about your self question in a counseling perspective

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    TINA Vposted 7 years ago

    The “tell me about yourself” question in a counseling perspective are usually asked for applicants in the educational or medical field such as a Guidance Counselor, Career Coach, Professors, Medical Therapist, or even Nurse positions.   Applicants should remember that counseling involves a personal relationship.  It also requires honesty, sincerity, acceptance, and understanding between the counselor/ therapist and the student/ client/ patient as basic ingredients for successful outcomes.  With this in mind, you may ask yourself the following questions:
    1.  What are the possible job duties and responsibilities required for the position?
    2.  How prepared are you to face or counsel clients/ patients from different cultural background, gender, age, religious orientation, or socio-economic group?
    3.  What are the potential barriers that would make it difficult for you to develop a working relationship with your student/ client/ patients?
    4.  What are the possible concepts, theories or techniques that you think might best work for the environment of your prospective employer?

    These self-evaluation questions are important before you can answer your interviewer in a counseling perspective. You may also consider the response cited in a Human Resource (HR) perspective, but the most applicable response is to know your personal preferences about counseling versus what your prospective employer needs as it relates to the specific position for which you are being interviewed. 

    Just keep focused on your goal and aim for it.  Good luck!